Zarrow shuffle or Push Though shuffle?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I'm very interested in Jason England's work, and I'm planning to get one/some of his one-on-one from here. But i have one question...what is best, Zarrow shuffle or Push Though shuffle? What is actually the different between them? What do you think i should learn? Okay that was actually 3 question, anyway.

    Thanks. :)
  2. Depends on the circumstances, the end result is the same and the differences in technique can't be discussed here, and both.
  3. I'm not a fan of the push through. Their are certain decks that it doesn't work to well with. That said, It was the first false riffle shuffle I ever learned and it will teach you some valuable lessons. I'd recommend it for starting out. If you are interested in Jason England's downloads I would strongly advise you to check out Foundations. I would rate the level of detail in that instruction second to none.
  4. Like eostresh, I too started out with learning the Push Through. But I rarely use it since I learned the Zarrow.

    Difference..? Well, the method. I guess you just have to try it yourself.

    Good luck.
  5. Personnaly, I believe the Push Through is more burnable. I only use the zarrow in triumph situation.
  6. In my personal opinion I like the push through more. The Zarrow is great, but for me I like the way a push through with the tiniest (keyword) is amazing.

    The Zarrow, unless you do it perfect, will always look a little fishy if someone is burning your hands.

    I second you getting foundations.
  7. Both serves the same purpose.Both are very convincing yet deceiving.I find both of them equally good and I am usually in a daze for which shuffle to use to demonstrate false shuffles.Get Foundations if you are also interested in false deals , or get Jason's Push Through Shuffle 1on1. If you want to learn the Zarrow shuffle, get the late Herb Zarrow's DVD on the Zarrow Shuffe.I find it better .Anyway . R.I.P Herb Zarrow.
  8. Thank you very much guys! I'm now planning on getting Foundations, i just watch the trailer and a couple reviews and it looks amazing!

    Thank you. :)
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    allan ackerman has a great DVD on shuffle work. its easily my favorite of his series.

    i'm struggling to learn the zarrow from it. but the rest of them are fairly well taught and easy to follow
  10. I love the push through shuffle as it looks better in my opinion; a push through followed by an up-the-ladder is just great. The only down side to a push through is, if you screw it up (i.e. don't push through enough or don't strip out properly), it's hard to recover. With a zarrow, I think there is a bit more room for error. Then again, any shuffle done poorly is going to leave any spectator suspicious.

    So the bottom line, I think a push-through is a better shuffle, but you should learn the zarrow as well.
  11. One of the biggest differences between the two is that the Push Through shuffle requires you to cut the after the shuffle, but the Zarrow shuffle does not.

    Might not be too big of a difference to you, but still.
  12. Sorry to bring this up, but I'm also interested to buy the fondation v1 and v2 and was wondering: is it necessery to learn the 2 or are they similar enough to just use one?
  13. There are different moves taught on V1 and V2. I would suggest looking into what is taught on each and choose which one is better. If you can get both as they are both very useful.
  14. If you're just looking for a false shuffle to use in your gambling demonstration or card trick, learning one of them might be enough
    But I would recommend you to learn both
    The push through shuffle is not only a great false shuffle, but it also helped me with other sleights, especially false deals
    The push through taught me alot about things like size of brief and rythm
    and those things carry over to other sleights ( like false deals )

    Hope I could help =)

  15. Yeah in fact, I wasn't aware that there was so many false shuffle outhere. I just look the demo and I though: well, it's look like the same thing. Because I though of something I would like to perform, a trick (or a routine) I will call the studborn card that use false shuffle and false cut only and was wondering if it could prove usefull to know both of them. Since I'll probably use false shuffle outside this trick (routine), I guess I'll learn both. Thank you for your answer. By the way, I may sound silly but I'm new to magic, what do you refer as a "gambling demonstration"? Do you refer at to show how to "cheat" or really using it when you are gambling with friend with no money on the table?
  16. Fact: If there's no money on the table, it's not gambling. Not even a true game, for that matter.

    And by gambling demonstration, they're referring to a routine where the magician exposes gambling techniques in a way that flows the ideas together.
  17. Typically speaking the Zarrow shuffle looks less suspicious than the Push Through and is easier to do. The thing you need to do though is to make your regular riffle shuffle look exactly like your zarrow shuffle. This is the advice at the end of Gary Plants book on the zarrow. Which I would suggest you check out.
  18. I prefer the Zarrow, I think is more fair (does "fairer" exist?)
  19. @ Goldmos:
    By Gambling Routine I meant Card Tricks that have gambling as the theme
    Poker Deals, or Ace cutting routines for example

    I guess thats why I don't like the zarrow
    Because I don't like to make all of my regular shuffles look like the zarrow
    I rather make my push through look like my regular shuffle
    But I guess thats just a matter of taste :)

  20. In my opinion push - thorugh is more deceptive. With that said I think you should learn both because they both have their own advantages and times in which they should be used.

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