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  1. Hello,

    I have recently begone to study the Vernon's method (More Inner Secrets of Card magic, by Lewis Ganson, p. 4)9 of Herb Zarrow's shuffle, and it is probably the only way I see this sleight working. Almost every performance of the Zarrow Shuffle I have ever seen has been from a rather awkward angle, which leads me to question the moves practicality. My inquiry is whether anyone considers the Zarrow Shuffle to be workable in its original form?

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  2. Qlancy,

    For what it's worth, I feel the original Zarrow shuffle is absolutely workable. Just as it was published in 1957. Having said that, the very best Zarrow techniques I've ever seen were NOT done exactly the way Herb did it. That goes for the Vernon description from the Inner Secrets series too.

    The very best Zarrows I've ever seen were by Steve Reynolds of New Orleans and a French card-expert and poker player that prefers to remain anonymous. Neither used the exact technique that Herb used or published. Interestingly, both of these men are doing similar things but achieving them in slightly different ways. The Reynolds technique will be released soon on DVD or instant download. The other guy's technique specifics will remain under wraps for now.

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  3. The zarrow shuffle when properly executed is nearly angle proof, as it does not rely on you not seeing what is happening, but rather relies on your mind "filling in" what it is supposed to see. Once someone recognizes and accepts an action, it is no longer under scrutiny. They just assume it is a natural shuffle and wait to see what you are going to try and be sneaky about next. The best advice I could give on the shuffle is this, don't worry about your angles, don't worry about what can be seen. Just make it feel as natural as a regular shuffle. If the action itself is natural, it gets discounted immediately from being something worth worrying about.
  4. I have been doing the Zarrow Shuffle for over 4 months. I even filmed a video of me performing Earnest Earick's Flippant Triumph and sent the video to Ray Kosby. He said my Zarrow Shuffle is pretty good. But I think its decent.

    Jason England can you help me out. I seem to have problem doing Zarrow on hard surface. How can I tackle this problem?
  5. You have to lay a larger "bed" of cards before beginning the weave. This will help not only Zarrow shuffles but push-through and strip-out shuffles as well.

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  6. Do you think there are disadvantages to building up your "shuffle muscles" by deliberately making tabled shuffles harder for yourself when practising by laying a very small (or no) bed?
  7. TeeDee,

    I don't think there are disadvantages if it's handled correctly. I've long been a fan of making sleights difficult in practice sessions, so that they seem easier under actual working conditions. You just have to be careful that you don't lose sight of the ultimate goal.

    So, when I practice my push-through and strip-out shuffles, I use a very, very small brief and I accept the fact that I occasionally miss when using a brief that small and I don't get all the cards back out again. But, when it comes time to perform for real, I can use a small, but not microscopic brief in front of my audiences and it feels fine.

    The same goes for Zarrow shuffles. I often practice by shuffling the halves deeper into one another than I would normally go. This makes them harder to unweave. But then when I do the Zarrow in performance, I make a shallower weave and it's very easy to get the halves apart. I also practice laying little to no bed on hard surfaces, which also makes it easier once you transition to a larger bed on a softer surface like a close-up pad.

    So yes, I believe in the concept.

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  8. Thanks very much Jason! I'm not particularly well-versed in tabled shuffle work so it's good to get reassurance I'm travelling in the right direction from someone further down the road than I am!
  9. Thanks Jason.
  10. Hi there
    is this elusive DVD on the Zarrow shuffle by Steve Reynolds out yet? Can't find it anywhere...
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  11. Jason, do you know when the release date for Steve's Zarrow DVD or Download is?
  12. I read somewhere that Jason don't want to release it yet because it would interfere with the Gary Plants' Zarrow DVD release. A very respectful move!
    I for one can't wait for the Reynold's DVD.
    In the meantime I try to incorporate the tips Jason offers on the Zarrow in his "At The Table"-Lecture.
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  13. Does anyone have any word on the release date of Steve Reynolds Zarrow DVD/Download?. . . I can't wait to get my hands on it. I feel like it's falling through the cracks. I hope it does not end up like Shawn Farquhar's sealed deck routine, just getting pushed back further and further, and eventually not happening.
  14. AFAIK the DVD is already done. Some of Jason's quotes from "Green Monster" - Forum
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  15. Okay it is now July, is there no word on a release date for Steve Reynolds Zarrow DVD? Also last I heard they were trying to price it, as it is not just a zarrow that he teaches but a whole system on shuffling. Anyone heard anything else? I have heard a rumor that it is going to be in August but it is just that, a rumor.
  16. Just an update for everyone, Steve's DVD titled Z. is now available for preorder on his site. I just preordered mine. There are a lot of glowing recommendations from guys like Steve Forte, Jack Carpenter and Alan Ackerman to name a few. Can't wait!
  17. A quote by the Z-Master himself from another forum:


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