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  1. Does any one have The Zenneth Code by Zenneth Kok? If so do you like it, would you recommend it.
  2. i don't own the code, but I have seen a lot of ZK's work, and he is by far one of the most creative card magicians in terms of quirky sleights, cool handlings, right now.

  3. I seen his videos of his work and his tricks blew me away especially Full Metal Re-Zet!!! I recommend for you if you are into advanced magic.
  4. A review i did for another forum (blasphemy!)

    You can watch just the performances or go straight into the explanations.
    Most of the performances are fine and show Zenneth showing a bit of magic to a young lady (as one does).
    The explanations were detailed and taught by Zenneth. The only downside is the ridiculously loud techno music played in the background. Sometimes you just couldn't hear the guy.
    The tricks themselves are very modern and flashy yet this IS something you will do in the real world. Every trick has a substance, patter is easily integrated and the effects could last a lot of time if done right.

    Brilliant stuff.
    Visual, modern, clever and fun card magic.

    I regularly perform Collectors the way Zenneth himself does.
  5. Alright, thanks I couldnt find anything on it anywhere and it looks good, so i think ill pick it up.

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