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  1. Hey,
    Some of you may have heard of Zenneth Kok, a magician from Hong Kong. He is in my opinion one of the best in Asia.
    But i was wondering if anyone has any info on his new 2 DVD set called The Philosopher's Stone. Its fully on Card Magic, and considering his old material, should kill everyone.
    So yea... any info would be nice
  2. Will it be released as The Sorcerer's Stone in the US? Ahahaha. Sorry. (but lol for anyone who got that)
  3. you should look into harry potter 1st book..haha...XD
  4. Lolz lets hope I win the thing at his Jam Session XD.

    The following is from his blog:

    Oh, and do you know where his shop is? I think I saw a vid of him perform a trick with chopsticks at his shop FULL of cards XD
  5. Not sure if you got the joke or not :p
  6. Yes we all got the joke haha
    and Clive, youre going to the Jam? and youre gonna join in M.O.V.E? gonna be hard as balls man...
  7. lolz idk... I want the DVD set!!! Yeah, maybe there will be people noobier :D Should be able to go to the jam anyways.
  8. maybe...
    i doubt it though
    I think im pretty noob compared to people Ive hung out with
    I dont think the Set is the prize... isit?

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