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  1. Hey Guys,

    i really enjoy performing Vertigo by Rick Lax which is a great and visual trick. However, i felt that there must be a simpler way when it comes to defy gravtiy by pushing a deck on the edge of a box without dropping the cards to the floor. That's why i came up with "Zero Gravity" which is fully inspired by Rick Lax's Vertigo, but can be performed gimmickless and impromptu. Even a borrowed deck is possible. Let me hear what you think about it and enjoy!

  2. It looks like you flashed a little bit during the full performance. I would still go with Vertigo, however I'm judging that based on the look of both effects, while knowing nothing about the method or setup of either effect.
  3. agreed, i think i saw something i shouldn't have towards the end.
  4. great trick!!

    listen thanks for your effort in creating these effect, i think its great just try to cover your angels a bit better. i think it look great and its better because while balancing a box, well its a box and box got things inside of them so you are giving a possibele explanation to the effect, but balancing cards is much more complex to understand, i got a few gimmicks and ideas for making these trick look better you can pm me if you are intrested.

    i think that even rick will admit its a great idea
  5. I like this idea, I just played around with it and found that it's way more reliable than I thought. I'd like to see some developments on the concept. And yes, you did flash, watch them angles boy.
  6. Thanks for the feedback guys, i'm glad you enjoyed the idea. Sorry about the flash at the end, thats why i removed the video. I might upload a cleaner performance of this next time ;)
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    Hey Guys,

    as promised, here is the reupload of a new performance without any flash (hopefully).
    I even delevoped the trick one step further by making it 2 phased and cleaner .
    It is still impromptu and gimmickless! If there is enough positive feedback and interest, i might publish this trick on the wire
    Enjoy the video!
  8. Much, much nicer! I dig the box-first phase, although a slight, slight flash may have been perceived in that phase. The extreme placement of the deck in the second phase is awesome. I love this idea and would love to session with you on it or something.
  9. I'm glad you enjoyed it but i'm still not able to figure out that slight flash after watching the video about 1000 times :D
    Would like to hear the thoughts of other members too!
    You might message me your skype name or windows live messenger address!
  10. I have neither D: and the flash I meant is when you're taking the box off, maybe it's just because I know the method haha. Slick performance nonetheless.

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