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  1. i have something similar, but i havent seen this method published. Looks great, again your production quality is bad and ur sleights seem a little sloppy but the effect looks wonderful
  2. seems weird to place a prediction card in a ziplock bag . But nice idea .
  3. haha thanks! Its to ''secure'' the prediction so that you convince the spectator you dont ever touch the prediction. The change can be done with any small object :)
  4. The quality isn't too bad but some camera cuts and movement would be better.
  5. The effect is nice, although a little transparent (maybe that's just me). I might suggest forcing the chosen card and using some DST to make sure if someone wants to see the deck, they are going to find your original force ... or the other thing.
  6. I like it! I created an effect identical to this 2 years ago. I would just make sure that you have all your ducks in a row. Don't have any awkward slowness in the change, try and make it look as effortless as humanly possible.
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    That's the trailer for Lee Asher's 'Witness.'
    Sorry bud, I don't think you're being creative enough. I'm not saying it's an exact copy, but I doubt if it's much of a variation...
  8. Maybe it's just the plastic bag, but it sure does resemble Lee Asher's Witness.
    If the method allows it, you might want to try some other material...
  9. I believe this is WAY too similar to Witness as I own it and perform it regularly. Yeah the handling and presentation looks a tad different but it is essentially the exact same effect.

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