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  1. First of all, I have to say Zodiac is so so good, secondly I need a question answered. David Copperfield apparently performed this on Oprah, but after watching his performance on youtube I see that there is something crucial missing form it to gain your peek. Does David use an accomplice in his performance because I personally own Zodiac myself and I cannot see how David himself performs it. How does Theory11 actually knows he did perform Zodiac anyway, curious!
    Thanks in advance,
  2. A) They consult DC for like 90% of his stuff (I think)
    B) They said that both he and Spidey used a slight variation on TV
  3. Can't reveal specifics of this performance, but the inner workings for David's performance are the same as what you see in Zodiac.

    // L
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    So I received the version with Frankenstein. Mine doesn't seem to work. [Edited by Moderator]

    Any help appreciated!
  5. PMing you now, removed most of your message due to mild exposure.

    // L
  6. Zodiac is my first T11 purchase and I am very impressed with the quality (and their customer service).

    However, I believe I am having similar issues as JordanJ4 and I saw a similar question on Magic Cafe. I received Frankenstein with my Zodiac so any additional help would be appreciated as well.
  7. I'm incredibly blown to smithereens with this incredible release. It really is a unique and heretofore never seen concept for a book test. The included materials are 5 stars. Can't wait to road test.

    I do think it's wise to put an index card and insert in each book offered so the spectator can accurately and easily count to the proper line and word.

    Highest recommendation.

    As far as what Copperfield did, my guess (only a guess) is he was wearing a piece. I would also say that a performer does need to watch out and make the effect too "processy" - and I would probably use this later in a stage set.
  8. This is EXCELLENT advice.

    // L
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  9. So, I received Zodiac a few weeks ago, and before performing it for an "official" audience, I've been doing small test performances with a few friends, to get the hang of it... and WOW does it kill! It is by far, not only the best Book Test I have ever used (and I've used quite a bit, from Larry Becker's Ultimate Flashback, to Tru-Test and Glance, and many impromptu versions as well) but I think it is now my favorite Mentalism effect in general that I use!

    But, I have a performance question, and I was wondering if Theory 11 has a secret/hidden forum where I could discuss this? (away from the general public; as to not expose any secrets.) Basically, without exposing too much here, when I first got this, I immediately had the notion to use a book from Larry Becker's Ultimate Flashback called "Instant Intuition" to start with, and to explain to the spectators that, "This is how Mentalists use to do an effect like this..." and basically expose how it's done; only to strengthen the fact that, now, "here is how I do it" [using Zodiac] where the books are truly ungimmicked, and the spectators truly have a random choice of book, page, line and word number... no forces, no peeks in the book.

    I guess the question is, is this too much exposure of this outdated effect, or are people still using/selling Ultimate Flashback? It was only after I had this thought, that I then found Spidey and Joel Meyers' performance on Penn&Teller, using the same exact "Instant Intuition" book (though they didn't go as far as I want to in spoiling how it is done.) If there is somewhere I can discuss this more deeply, where I can explain exactly how/what I would like to say to expose this older effect in performance, please let me know...
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  10. Genshi,

    While I am a novice to magic, the few times I have performed mentalist routines or tests at bars or restaurants I have always explained some aspect of what I am doing for exactly the reason you outlined: to let the spectators know that they have complete free will in their choice. What I have found in the handful of times I have performed for 3-5 people is that they seem to relax and treat me less as a magician (and thus pay less attention to any sleights or gimmicks I may be using) but they are blown away even more when I successfully predict or "read their mind" during the reveal. I think it is a balancing act between exposing too much and exposing too little. I hope my humble opinion and experience helps.

    Best of luck!
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  11. I received zodiac yesterday and it amazing!!, the idea is so clever, the problem im from mexico and i can't get the full potential of the effects.
    I suggest to be able to expand the languages that can be used, to make the most of this effect. Maybe i can help!, are you planning to do something about that?
  12. Hey everyone!

    I just received my order of Zodiac and I am super thrilled with the overall product- I'm shocked by how clever it is! However I'm hitting a small snag with my dictionary reveal- ( I don't want to be too specific as to give it away) But the page and the column are correct, but not the word location.

    Anyone else ever come across this? I checked the ISBNs and they are all good- any help would be appreciated!

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  13. Hey Jeff,

    For questions about our store and specific product questions, contact us at https://www.theory11.com/support.

    I know the issue you are talking about and have a very easy fix for you. Hear from you soon!
  14. All set- thanks for the help, really appreciate it!
  15. Hello,

    I have been looking to purchase Zodiac for a while. This may be a really silly question, when people state "I got Frankenstein in mine" does this mean every time you perform Zodiac this will be the "chosen" word?
  16. No. Frankenstein is one of the compatable books that works with Zodiac's primary method. It is included with the purchase of Zodiac.

    // L
  17. I am having the same exact issue. Am I just counting wrong? I was thinking that the count was for the definition/word entry itself...not the actual line number in the dictionary. The pocket dictionary lines are so small. it is hard to count the exact lines. It's like I need a microscope. I wish it came with a standard sized dictionary instead. It seems stupid to use a pocket dictionary when you are already busting out a pile of 5 or more books and a 5 subject notebook.
  18. It is by line number, not by entry number. A good thing to do here is to keep a playing card or a notecard inside the dictionary - it can be used to more easily count down lines.

    // L
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  19. Good idea. Still, I don’t get why it wasn’t set up so you had the option to use a normal sized dictionary. It’s an effect best suited for a dinner party or a parlor type situation. Not like you’ll be table hopping with it. No need for the dictionary to be pocket sized.
  20. Lots of thought went into what dictionary was used. Portability was part of this - Have a stack of normal books you carry around, and you don't introduce the dictionary until later, and from your pocket. Another consideration was that the dictionary had to be easily available in large quantities. There was also a legal consideration that I won't get into details about - this dictionary happened to work while taking that consideration into mind. On a related note, there were similar legal considerations related to the books that work with Zodiac.

    On top of all this, we wanted the dictionary to be recognisable. This is one of the most popular dictionaries currently sold. Yes, it is small, but as in all things we have to make certain trades. When it comes down to it, this dictionary ends up being a winner in our eyes.

    // L
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