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  1. My last post was deleted, not sure why, as I only stated what was published. So, let me just restate some published facts: Zodiac says you need a smart phone. I did not see a smart phone in Spidey's nor David Copperfield' performance. I don't see how this the same trick.
  2. Hello,

    We can promise you this is the same trick. Both Spidey and Copperfield used custom routines, but that does not change this fact. We cannot get into the methods or details here, however a smartphone never makes an appearance during the actual routine. It is required for the trick to work, but is never out or seen. Just like when you watched Copperfield and Spidey perform, your spectators will not see you ever pull out or use a phone.

    // L
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  3. Notice how there isn't a phone in the uncut performance either....
  4. That was a helpful response. Thx
  5. Hi everyone,

    I really have to say that I have no clue how it is done, but as I understood that it needs a smartphone.
    As I'm French, and use to perform in French as well, I would like to know if this trick can also be done with French books and dictionary, or if it is only limited to English, with the provided wordbook ?

    I could of course use English books, but the effect would be limited. It is suspicious that a French person uses English books to perform a trick...

    Thanks for your help :)

  6. When they say "any book" they mean "Any book from this pile", as clarified by Spidey in the Magic Cafe thread:

    You may be able to tweak the method to suit your language, but you'd have to do the work yourself I bet.

    The smart phone requirement is a deal breaker for me. I think the concept is interesting and maybe I'll pick it up in the future but for now it's just not practical.
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  7. Zodiac teaches two methods for book tests that look essentially identical. The first, and primary, method for this requires the use of specific ENGLISH books. There is a decent list of books you can choose from, and we include one of them in the box.

    The second method requires more work, but can be done with ANY book in any language. This method lacks the perks of the primary method, but the flexibility to use any book may be worth the small sacrifices.

    // L
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  8. GOOD! That means it's deceptive... ;)

    Yes, it's the exact same trick. Technology is involved in the technique, not the presentation.

    And it's so damn good!
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  9. Important distinction.

    I can see how a phone could be used without it ever being "in play" so to speak. This routine, while it's not for me, does look very solid and workable. Clearly they've hammered out the kinks.
  10. Don't let the phone requirement be a deal breaker. This is a brilliant trick and if it doesn't fool the spectator then your presentation is off. I can't stress enough how deceptive this really is!! If you are a Mentalist then this is a must purchase!

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