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  1. It's almost may so obviously I need to start thinking about Halloween.... OK maybe not... but this year is special for me. This is the year I perform for thousands of zombies.

    Ok... not REAL zombies, but zombie fans.

    See I live in Fort Myers, Fl and back in 1984 a guy by the name of George Romero thought that my home town would be a great location for a zombie movie. So he packed his bags, flew south and shot the massive zombie swarms seen in a little film known as Day of The Dead. I stroll the locations seen in the film almost every night.

    Well every year in October, fans of zombies and the horror genre gather here to dress as zombies and reenact that scene as the main event of a weekend long horror convention known as Zombiecon.

    Promo from the 2012 event:

    So I've recently learned this years theme is voodoo and the occult and realized that this would be the perfect time to try out some creepy effects. What I did not expect though was that the event organizers would love the idea of having a mind-reading, magical zombie master as much as they have and it's looking like I'm building a strolling act... if i'm lucky I may even get to perform a spirit cabinet on stage (Stage Magic, swoon!). No matter what as I'll be going to the after party this is an amazing opportunity to network as allot of major business owners in town attend this charity function.

    SO! CALL TO ACTION TIME! I'm looking for some quick/instant reset creepy/bizarre magic that I can consider for my strolling set. I've been working on an interesting handling of Spidey's Phantom where the spectator never says the name of the card as well as PK touch with a voodoo doll, but that's only two effects, care to share more guys?
  2. All I have to say is, YOU HAVE TO USE THE BICYCLE ZOMBIE DECK!!!
  3. I know right? They are in abundance in every Walmart down here. I could make so many gimmicked decks....
  4. If you can get your hands on some of the zombie decks I would be making some ID's and some tossed out decks for sure. Both would play well for large groups of people and virtually no reset at all.

    Sounds like it could be a fun gig. I would pick the brains of Draven and Craig on some other Halloween, Freak, Zombie type of magic or effects.

    I've seen a lot of cool Halloween props like rubber brains, lathered up with vasoline and fake blood used in Halloween magic effects, and boy did it look great.

    What about cups and balls using actual real eye balls from cows or sheep? I'm not sure if that is taking it a bit too far but I know if you go to a local slaughterhouse you can get those. Ha Ha.
  5. if i were you i'd get a dead eyes karnival deck. Filled with corpses, blood and battered look. They look less dooodle-ish than the zombie deck and fit the horror genre. http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_kw=bicycle+karnival+dead+eyes+cards

    For bizarre magic, get CUT by Ran pink, wounded, some mentalism, and for a better russian roulette style trick try getting razor's edge by morgan strebler. Another good effect is thread by wayne houchin.
  6. What do you do already? Are you actually into the horror genre? This is a genre that's far harder to do than most people think. It's not a matter of splattering your props with blood and calling it scary.
  7. Sorry for not being as active as normal.

    Chris, I do not do any dark stuff yet but I've really wanted to, that's why I'm giving myself a few months to practice and get things down. I plan on keeping these tricks in my arsenal, this is not just a one off for me. I want to take some mentalism workers and give them a bizarre/creepy presentation. I've come up with my handling of Spidey's Phantom so that I dont have to ask what card is chosen while still keeping it a clear "Free Choice." I'm thinking things like that for the walk around portion.

    Yeah I may have two roles at this gig...

    It's to early to say but I do know the charity loves my Ideas... like alot. So I'm getting ambitious and will be pitching the idea of doing a spirit cabinet. I have an idea for a unique (at least I think it is) presentation of the classic Fay style Stage Spirit Cabinet Effect. This is all very exciting. Cross your fingers for me!

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