Zombira: Self-Contained Floating Ball

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Craig Browning, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. My friend Jimmy Fingers is known for his brilliant, super simple effects and this is his latest. It sells for $48.00 and I'm certain you'll find it a fun bit of business. . .

  2. This reminds me and looks a bit similar to Bill Abbott's The Thing which was released a few years ago. The only difference looks like Jimmy has taken away the cloth. I could be completely wrong but I'm guessing the hook up is virtually similar.
  3. There's multiple hook-ups with this. . . easy to do but more than one set anchor.
  4. After to chatting with a couple of folks, I have to admit that this is not nearly as "New" as I was lead to believe. . . seems THE THING pre-dates this though this is a demonstration of how we can develop an effect that's already out there even after years in the trade. It happens.
  5. The Thing is closer to Losander's Bubble Zombie than this. This is intended for stage and looks really nice. It requires practice which means 90% of magicians won't ever do it or buy it.
  6. One will certainly not bode well if they haven't a flatter tummy than I. . . it's a fun piece however.
  7. Thanks Bizarro I wasn't sure. I have however seen two magicians use The Thing as stage pieces. I think Bill primarily had it playing for small venues or even in living rooms for children's parties and such. I own The Thing but unfortunately I have not put in the required practice to make it look good enough for my liking. That's my own fault.
  8. Would this work as a performance piece for a quite skinny young woman that would want to do this with choreography for cabaret and burlesque shows and is it self contained? If so where can I buy it as i know someone who would want it!

  9. Yes but it will take a lot of work and patience to plan things out, it's not like a zombie where you can dance with the ball, you must be rather stationary for most of the hook-ups but I can see where it's possible for someone creative and willing to put the work in. And yes, it is fully self-contained.

    For stage work, if you play it up-stage center with a dark background and indirect lighting (ambient) you could get away with a lot more given how the gimmick works but I'd modify the device so that you could add a finger/thumb control to it (maybe something you could anchor to when needed). In the right hands this could be one of the better floating ball systems out there.
  10. Where can I buy it? :)

  11. Thanks Craig and Bizzaro! :-D


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