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Hi! You answered to my post about spread cull at the beginning of the spread some time ago. At that time I didn't have time to watch Spideys video, and now for some reason I don't see your post anymore on the thread. Could you please send me the link to the video again? Thanks!
The Budding Artist
The Budding Artist
Hi there!
Sorry for the late response. Here is the link:
. Let me know if I can do anything else:)
Shouldn't there be a way to remove threads older than say 3-5 years? That way someone couldn't bump an old thread. Plus I'm sure it would free up server space.
That would keep people from thread bumping, but we would have to do it manually. However, there are some good old threads that are nice to have for reference.
That's all any of us are: 'amateurs'. We don't live long enough to be anything else. -Charlie Chaplin
I just bought Verbatim and I have a tip to share (don't want to tip). Is there a FB password protected page or somewhere to post that?
In the first part, I did not see this pass, although your link has a cover similar to its parts on YouTube ( the last part is cheating with dice, which is reflected on the cover by clicking on your link). If you don't mind, take a couple of minutes at this link( this is the first part of the defense against scams by Steve Forte) and he talks about hops at 34:18.
Hello! I had a forum on this site that for pass, you helped me wrote that this elevator hop, and also advised me to buy a DVD disc of Steve Forte shot in the 80's . On YouTube, I found four parts of the protection from scams in translation in my native language (Russian), since there is no way to buy this course.
Cannot get to instructional video for Alias wallet. Have card but URL doesn't seem to work. James Mapes
Hey there, my name is Leslie. I'm currently on the quest of finding a way to duplicate a spectator's signed card. I came across a post you made from 2010 that said you have a gimmick that can do it using transfer paper. Would you mind telling me a little more about this method? Thanks.
Will Theory 11 help produce a prop/gimmick if you came up with an idea? If so, how would one get started?
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