center tear

  1. Antonio Diavolo

    Favorite way to peek a billet?

    I really want to start doing stuff with billet peeks but I'm not really sure what to use. I can do the standard center tear but I never really liked how it's supposed to be used. It just felt weird tearing up the billet myself when I could easily have them do it. Some of the peek wallets out...
  2. eliascaress

    center tear ideas

    Thanks in part to Grant... I decided to polish up my center tear recently. it went great at my Monday night walk around gig, I thought it'd be nice to dream up some ideas to use it. Any suggestions for using a center tear? New plots...
  3. T


    Does anyone have any good center tear recommendations? I've read about a couple but almost always get caught. Will someone link me to a place to learn one that works for you.
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