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luxury playing cards

  1. T

    Nationals are “LUXURY” playing cards, but every other deck is just “PREMIUM”....?

    Also, what is the reasoning behind the “Nationals” being considered “Luxury”, are they actually different and/or better than the “Premium” decks....? Also, on a sidenote, my “Blue Monarchs”, bought from Target, do not contain the “Theory 11 SKU” or the “Las Vagas, NV Printing” on the bottom of...
  2. MissMagic_photos

    Top 3 Cards you use for magic (besides bicycle standards)

    Hi all, I've uploaded a video to my YouTube channel today about the top 3 decks i use for magic and why I like to use them (doesn't included bikes as 90% of magicians use them) Just intrigued to see what top 3 you all like to use
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