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  1. L

    Kids birthday party magic

    Hi guys, I am relatively new to magic. I have bought a few things from this site and mostly do card tricks, but I thought the best way to be able to actually get to perform for others would be for kids. Plus I like kids. Are there any good books, DVDs or tricks that would be good for building...
  2. Vi

    Bizarrest Magician performance advice

    Hello, I'm new here and I need some tips or some advice. I started back into magic last year in May and I love bizarre magicians and their style of magic and I also love being a character for performing my magic. If anyone doesn't know what bizarre magic is... Bizarre Magicians often use...
  3. zetabase

    I'm interested in magic books

    Now, I want to start off by saying I want recommendations on book I should get/read for some one just starting off, I heard of By forces unseen and I feel as tho that would be a bit too much for me just starting out. Any recommendations for books?
  4. T

    I'm looking for some magic tricks. Do anyone have any suggestions?

    I know it's about quality and not quantity, but whenever I perform (for free, just for practise), I always feel like I don't know enough magic tricks, so I'm wondering if anyone could come with suggestions. It can be youtube videos, instant downloads, live lectures or maybe just something you...
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