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Houchin Invades Midwest (2 minute video)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by waynehouchin, Nov 8, 2011.

  1. waynehouchin

    waynehouchin theory11 artist

    Hello everyone,

    I am starting a small Midwest tour. The tour begins TONIGHT in Columbus, OH. What is my lecture about? Watch this 2 minute video and find out:


    Nov 8th – Columbus, OH
    Nov 10th – Royal Oak, MI
    Nov 11th – Grand Rapids, MI
    Nov 12th – Mount Clemens, MI (A special workshop)
    Nov 13th – Pekin, IL
    Nov 14th – Shorewood, IL
    Nov 15th – Chicago, IL
    Nov 16th – Indianapolis, IN

    For more information visit or visit the Facebook event page:

    I hope to see you guys there! If you have any questions feel free to contact me here:

  2. Josh Burch

    Josh Burch Moderator

    Come West! Come West! Keep us updated on further info!
  3. Where exactly will you be in Indianapolis? Also, when will you be coming to Nashville again?
  5. j.bayme

    j.bayme ceo / theory11 Staff Member

    Awesome video! The play button on YouTube is directly over your nose in the thumbnail image, strategically positioned so that I had to touch your nose to watch the video. The next time I see you, I'm going to touch your nose and fully expect for this video to start playing.
  6. I heard that if you touch his nose a thought of sweet/candy falls from his mouth.
  7. waynehouchin

    waynehouchin theory11 artist

    @JB: I'll remember that :)

    @Formula: you are correct. Sardine flavored Bertie Bott's to be exact.

    @JacobL: I am awaiting the address from the organizers myself. Send an email to: - remind me that you're interested in Indianapolis and when I get the address I'll forward it to you as well.

    Thanks guys!
  8. Wayne, I went to your lecture twice. Once at Tannens and another at Ronjos, both in NY. If I had the chance, I'd go again. I've learned more at your lecture than in any other lecture I've been to. Your teaching is flawless as well as your performances.

    Guys, if you live somewhat near these places, go to the lecture. You won't regret it.
  9. NOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I only just saw this, I can't believe I missed you in Columbus. Alright I must go to the one in Indianapolis.

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