colour changes

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    Colour Change free tutorial

    Hi, w.r.t. the T11 colour change tutorial, any advice on how to ensure only one card comes along on the slide down? Thanks
  2. K

    The New Triumph. - Killer Trick

    Hi Guys, I have uploaded a short video with no cuts to youtube of my New Triumph. Would love to get some reactions - Enjoy!
  3. H

    How to creat a card trick title

    I’ve created a card trick and a colour change, but I can’t think of a title for them. I’ve also sent theory 11 both card tricks/colour changes but they haven’t got back to me. If you can help me with titles for them. Thanks!
  4. U

    Card change on the table

    does anyone know the lecture ( or maybe downloadable video) that explains how to change a card on the table? I remember seeing a trailer where this guys put the card on the table and with the wave of his both hand, the card appears to be changed..but tbh i can't remember.
  5. A

    Some old card tricks I made...

    You may or may not remember a sleight I made called Kaotic Control from years ago I made a few other sleights at the same time and just remembered a couple of them so recorded a couple: It's all my own inventions apart from the card vanish (can someone remind me who's that is? can't remember...
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