custom deck

  1. Nyrow

    WIP custom made magic-theme playing cards

    Hi everyone and happy new year! I'm designing a custom deck based on the magic theme (it doesn't sound very original yet I haven't found one yet! ...not that I actively looked for one either.). The goal is to prototype them at Shuffled Ink (thank you @EndersGame for your detailed review!) I...
  2. M

    Playing cards design trends 2020 - Custom deck in the making need your help

    Greeting to all magicians, magic infuziast, playing card collectors and cardistry specialists. I am asking for your help in completing a survey of playing card trends. I have a passion for designing playing cards and would like to design the best deck I possibly can with your help. I thank...
  3. M

    Custom Sized Card Decks?

    I was looking to print a custom card deck with a size slightly smaller than a Poker deck, however most sites online only offer the pre-existing dimensions. Is there any way to get a custom deck with a custom size? Please don't reply with "practice with an original deck" or "small hands aren't a...
  4. Acesuwifu

    Custom deck help

    I am an aspiring magician from Portland Oregon and I was wondering if someone could help me create a custom deck. It would be lotus flower themed with a black purple and gold color scheme. If anybody could help me that would be great feel free to email me at
  5. M

    Looking for resources about card manufacturing

    Hello I`m a student of graphic design in Slovenija and I`m looking for resources for my diploma about the card printing process, card stock used in the manufacturing process, ink ... If anyone has some useful tips please share. In the future I am also creating a custom deck designed by me so...
  6. Toby Langdon

    New Playing Card Help!

    Hi everyone, I'm currently designing a playing card and would like some feedback as to would you buy this card and what else does it need if anything? Thanks :) It has a white border which can't be seen here
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