custom playing cards

  1. Nyrow

    WIP custom made magic-theme playing cards

    Hi everyone and happy new year! I'm designing a custom deck based on the magic theme (it doesn't sound very original yet I haven't found one yet! ...not that I actively looked for one either.). The goal is to prototype them at Shuffled Ink (thank you @EndersGame for your detailed review!) I...
  2. Toby Langdon

    Deck Design Help?

    Hey everyone, You may have seen my last post about my other design however I am letting that design rest for a while as I have more ideas about how to further this deck. I would really appreciate some feedback as to which colour scheme you most prefer (I know it's subjective but I want to see...
  3. Toby Langdon

    New Playing Card Help!

    Hi everyone, I'm currently designing a playing card and would like some feedback as to would you buy this card and what else does it need if anything? Thanks :) It has a white border which can't be seen here
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