money magic

  1. P

    Uno Cinco is live on the marketplace!

    Hi everyone, my name is Justin and I am new to the marketplace as of a couple weeks ago. I wanted you guys to check out my new bill effect which is a bill change and transposition all in one! Here is the link, hope you enjoy!
  2. A

    Easy Money / Prophet handling

    Hi everyone! I was messing around with Prophet by Tom Isaacson (the very visual change of bills), and I feel like I remember seeing a handling at some point where the change happens with the bills spread out. Does anyone know if this is something that has been done before or am I just crazy...
  3. Dmezhkov

    Dollar Bill Splitting

    I heard that Blake Vogt actually has a method to split bills. I remember seeing a video somewhere of someone splitting a bill, but I believed it to be a gimmick effect and not actual splitting, like that of a card. Can anyone point me to a video of him doing it, or at least tell me if it really...
  4. Antonio Diavolo

    Appearing money trick?

    I've seen a few people use this trick. It's a thing where the magician takes a marker and a coin and taps the coin with the marker and it becomes a bill I'm assuming it works similar to this classic: Anyone know what this trick is called or where I can get it? If you know what trick I'm...
  5. Scott_Lockhart

    Money Magic

    I am from the Uk and I was wondering firstly what method Dynamo uses to change the lottery tickets into his 5 £20 notes. I would also ask what the best method is to use? Obviously my currency is pounds and it's not as easy to perform with unlike dollars as the 1$ is the same size as the 100$. Is...
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