one handed cuts

  1. K

    How to one-hand faro shuffle?

    I can do the charlier cut and hold the half packs with the index finger in between just fine. It's the upcoming parts that are the problem. My most recurring problem is that when I try to interlace the packages, the leftmost one will open too much and the right pack will slide itself entirely...
  2. Ben2__Ben2

    One handed cuts tutorials

    We have a few tutorials for one-handed cuts here. including the Charlier cut, Judo Flip, Scissor cut, Kryptonite and the Revolution cut.
  3. lolhammertime

    Problems with some flourishes

    I am having problems with various flourishes for different reasons. Charlier cut & all one handed cuts: my hands are too tiny to hold two packets in one hand Spring: Either my thumb hurts and I can't spring the cards or I can spring but can't catch Thumb Fan: I can fan but it ends up fanning...
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