propless mentalism

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    Where to start with Mentalism?

    Hey Guys! This question was probably asked and answered a whole lot of times but I didn't find a recent post about it. I've been into magic (mostly card magic) for nearly 3 years, now I'd like to get into something new and I decided to try learning mentalism (especially propless mentalism). I...
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    Propless Mentalism

    Hi Everyone, I recently started with learning Mentalism. I am especially interested in mentalism without any Props, or as few as possible. So I wanted to ask if you have any recommendations where to learn that. I prefer books but videos are ok too. What I found so far are the books by Banachek...
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    Any suggestions for propless mentalism?

    Hi Guys! I am just getting into propless mentalism and I am willing to put in all the hard work. I just picked up Proteus and I have to say that it’s great! I like to say that I’m good with memory work. How should I get started? What should I get?
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    Review: The Book of Angels- Fraser parker

    I love the book, very well written and I like Fraser as a magician. The effects are awesome and really can look absolutely impossible. It’s amazing what illusions you can appear to create in the audiences' mind with the power of subtle language and clever wording. The downsides for me are that...
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