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  1. JLAndersonMagic

    Favorite Match Magic?

    Hello hello hello!!! I've been looking to break out of Card Tricks for a bit and want to explorer other ways to perform magic with other objects. Lately, I've been into matches. I think it's something about the fire. Fire Eating Jr. as I call it. The tricks I mainly know are the Human Chimney by...
  2. JLAndersonMagic

    Favorite Card Teleportation?

    Hello everyone! One of the most powerful tricks I do is a card teleportation based off of one of Alex Rangel's tricks. So I was wondering if anyone had any favorites to share, leave links to, or have any ideas?
  3. Maaz Hasan

    Scam School

    Say, Hypothetically, that one were to often submit beginner level tricks to Brian Brushwood's Scam School. If said person were to create their own effect and publish it on the Marketplace for free, could they send it to Scam School too? Thanks! Probably a better question for the staff, but...
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