Favorite Card Teleportation?

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  1. Hello everyone! One of the most powerful tricks I do is a card teleportation based off of one of Alex Rangel's tricks. So I was wondering if anyone had any favorites to share, leave links to, or have any ideas?
  2. Hey... I think it depends on presentation and how you define a card teleportion. There are countless effects like card to nearly anything, two card transpositions or e.g. variants of the biddle trick to name some.
    It depends on what you are looking for.
  3. I like some versions of Brother Hamman's "The Signed Card" where an unknown card is put facedown in plain sight and then a selection is made and signed. This signed card dissapears then turns out to be the card that was in sight the whole time.
  4. Steinmeyer's Pasteboards Under Glass where a card goes form a deck put inside the case held by one spectator to an empty gin bottle held by another spectator.
  5. Ryan Schlutz has a great transpo that happens in the spectator's hands in an odd visual moment. It was published in Penguin Magic Monthly December 2019
  6. What was the most recent card to location on Penguin about a month ago? Did it sell well? I was looking at it and the name escapes me now. It wasn't Regal's.
  7. Oh, Gone was awesome. Card to envelope held by the spectator.

    Yeah, Modern Transportation by David Regal is really cool.
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    I like card to under box.

  9. Oh sorry, didn’t know.
  10. One of the few card tricks I still do, which I learned nearly a decade ago now, is Pre-Cannibal Cards by Lin Searles. When I learned it I had no idea what it was called, but David (RealityOne) helped me track down its name.

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