1. Y

    2024 magic

    Hello everyone happy new year! I have been working on a show that I put together (about 40 minutes card show done with 1 or 2 decks of cards). I put the whole thing together and was thinking about where I should try to market this to in the future. Obviously I don’t intend to perform this show...
  2. S

    How do you make Magic Tricks?

    I have been doing card magic for a bit now, and I was wondering how could I create my own tricks/effects? Does anyone have any tips? Thank you!
  3. S

    Good Magic Tricks?

    Can people please recommend some good magic tricks from the marketplace? I don’t know where to start. Thanks!
  4. Antonio Diavolo

    The Problem with "Magic"

    Hey everyone! Magic on the internet has always been kind of conflicting to me. I don't mean exposure or anything. I just mean watching recorded performances of magic online. I love watching it myself but I know it's also not really the best way for laymen to experience it. I also always get...
  5. L

    I've got some books from Andre Savy, anyone interested ?

    I'm selling them
  6. V

    Do It Yourself Build of a Magician's Table

    Has anyone else made their own Magician's Close-up Table? I couldn't find an affordable one that I liked, so I made my own with just a few easy to get components. If you'd like to see it, or see how I came up with it and made it, checkout my video and let me know what you think!
  7. M

    MASTERS OF MAGIC WORLD TOUR 2022 will be back LIVE!

    Dear magic friends, we are pleased to announce the 20th edition of the most innovative magic Convention of the world!!! 26, 27, 28, 29 MAY 2022 - TORINO, ITALY THE MAGIC COME IN THE HEART OF THE CITY! A few minutes from the principal bus and train stations. THE LOCATION: MASTIO DELLA...
  8. C

    Final Major Project on Magic and Deception

    Hi, I'll start by introducing myself. My name's Conor, I'm a magician and graphic designer in my third year of University in the UK, and for my Final Major Project I am looking to create a printed artefact that breaks down the elements of a card trick, answering the complete question "How did...
  9. scottbaird

    5 Things I learned starting an online magic business

    Hi gang! I've recently started an online magic magazine that launches on January 1st, and thought I would share some of the things that I learned on this journey: 1. Everyone's already got a project When looking for contributors for the magazine, I realized magicians are busy people! Some of...
  10. TheDerpsterKoder

    Urgently need to fin who came up with the 7 principles of magic theory

    Hey guys I'm writing an academic paper for a university assignment and in it I talk about the 7 principles of magic (palm, steal, ditch ect), and I need to reference who came up with it, but I can't find who first mentioned that theory. The only thing google says is that Penn and Teller talk...
  11. D

    Help me identify and learn this trick! Hank Lee vintage!

    I recently obtained this magic trick “My Bird House” which appears to be a “poor mans mismade lady” trick but cannot find any information on its potential value or performances of it to aid my learning! All that I know about it is that it’s an old Hank Lee original called “My Bird House”. Any...
  12. The Budding Artist

    Too Many Predictions!

    Hello! I’ve been creating tricks that focus more or performance and presentation, rather than the magic trick itself. For example, I created a trick that’s a choose your own story, with a reveal that I predicted the story all along. Another one is a dance off between two spectators, where...
  13. The Budding Artist

    Color Change

    Hello! Does anyone know the name of this color change?
  14. The Budding Artist

    PK Touch

    Hello! Where can I start learning about the PK touch? Are there any cheap resources to start me off? Thanks!
  15. Nyrow

    WIP custom made magic-theme playing cards

    Hi everyone and happy new year! I'm designing a custom deck based on the magic theme (it doesn't sound very original yet I haven't found one yet! ...not that I actively looked for one either.). The goal is to prototype them at Shuffled Ink (thank you @EndersGame for your detailed review!) I...
  16. The Budding Artist

    Card To Mouth

    Hello! I am working on a card to mouth routine;however, I having problems. Essentially, when I put the card in my mouth it comes out soggy and quite gross. Is there a way to avoid this? I’ve seen other magicians do it, I just don’t know how. Thanks!
  17. JoJoThePro

    At The Table - Chris 'Oribit' Brown

    On Youtube, there is an ad for Orbit Brown's At The Table Lecture: At The Table - Chris 'Oribit' Brown - YouTube First of all, what is the lecture about? Is it like a tutorial? Or is it like an interview? The trailer shows him doing a few tricks, but I am not sure if he will teach them, or if...
  18. JoJoThePro

    I started a Magic and Cardistry Club at School. What should I teach/do?

    Hi guys, I recently started a magic club at my high school, and I am not sure what to teach or do at the club. I started teaching a few basic coin tricks, and kid tricks, like removing thumb, french drop, etc, but I am running out of things to teach and do at the club. The members do not have...
  19. JacobF4

    Preparation Or Expection?

    Hello Everyone, Halloween night I was asked to 'perform' at my good friends party. (I know COVID Comments may ensue.) I am familiar with performing magic since I was 12 years old but never got too many chances to show off what I've been practicing in front of a crowd/stage environments, Just...
  20. The Budding Artist

    HELP Needed: Clipshift

    Hello! I am have an issue with the clipshift. Is their a private way to message me on Theory 11? (I don’t want to reveal it in a public form.)
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