1. The Budding Artist

    Too Many Predictions!

    Hello! I’ve been creating tricks that focus more or performance and presentation, rather than the magic trick itself. For example, I created a trick that’s a choose your own story, with a reveal that I predicted the story all along. Another one is a dance off between two spectators, where...
  2. The Budding Artist

    Color Change

    Hello! Does anyone know the name of this color change?
  3. The Budding Artist

    PK Touch

    Hello! Where can I start learning about the PK touch? Are there any cheap resources to start me off? Thanks!
  4. Nyrow

    WIP custom made magic-theme playing cards

    Hi everyone and happy new year! I'm designing a custom deck based on the magic theme (it doesn't sound very original yet I haven't found one yet! ...not that I actively looked for one either.). The goal is to prototype them at Shuffled Ink (thank you @EndersGame for your detailed review!) I...
  5. The Budding Artist

    Card To Mouth

    Hello! I am working on a card to mouth routine;however, I having problems. Essentially, when I put the card in my mouth it comes out soggy and quite gross. Is there a way to avoid this? I’ve seen other magicians do it, I just don’t know how. Thanks!
  6. JoJoThePro

    At The Table - Chris 'Oribit' Brown

    On Youtube, there is an ad for Orbit Brown's At The Table Lecture: At The Table - Chris 'Oribit' Brown - YouTube First of all, what is the lecture about? Is it like a tutorial? Or is it like an interview? The trailer shows him doing a few tricks, but I am not sure if he will teach them, or if...
  7. JoJoThePro

    I started a Magic and Cardistry Club at School. What should I teach/do?

    Hi guys, I recently started a magic club at my high school, and I am not sure what to teach or do at the club. I started teaching a few basic coin tricks, and kid tricks, like removing thumb, french drop, etc, but I am running out of things to teach and do at the club. The members do not have...
  8. JacobF4

    Preparation Or Expection?

    Hello Everyone, Halloween night I was asked to 'perform' at my good friends party. (I know COVID Comments may ensue.) I am familiar with performing magic since I was 12 years old but never got too many chances to show off what I've been practicing in front of a crowd/stage environments, Just...
  9. The Budding Artist

    HELP Needed: Clipshift

    Hello! I am have an issue with the clipshift. Is their a private way to message me on Theory 11? (I don’t want to reveal it in a public form.)
  10. S

    Best tricks for walk around?

    Doing a walk around and wondering what the best tricks for strolling magic is? Any tips or tricks for them?
  11. L

    I'm trying to find a method that allows me to duplicate signed cards. Help?

    I'm trying to find a way to duplicate signed cards, either during the performance or before the performance, maybe using some sort of dual reality. If you had any sort of suggestion or places I could look that would be great. Thanks
  12. Y

    Cellphone inside ball of yarn?

    Hey y’all so recently Damien was on bgt and did the cellphone inside ball of yarn routine. Damien: Dan White: and it reminded me that Dan White did a similar effect on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and I was just wondering if someone could reference a book or DVD for the same effect?
  13. JLAndersonMagic

    Best Fire Wallet in 2020?

    Theory 11! Oh my, it's been a long time since I've seen you, but I guess that's what happens when you get a part-time job and start back at college. Because of this job, it means I can buy more magic stuff, whether that be gimmicks, cards, or tricks. I have been wanting to get one certain...
  14. S

    Nostalgic Cards?

    So, does anyone have a favorite deck of cards? I don't mean objectively. I mean emotionally. Like, your best memories with a certain deck. It could have been the first time you played with cards and realized you loved them, or the deck you did your favorite trick with for the first time, or the...
  15. C

    Does anyone know what the best impromptu card trick is

    i have been doing a lot of impromptu card magic recently and some of it is ok, unfortunately i have not yet come by something truly fooling enough to perform, please let me know if someone has a amazing impromptu card trick they would be willing to show me how to do or send me a link to learn it...
  16. C

    Should i read royal road to card magic from beginning to end or should i skip around

    Should i read royal road to card magic from beginning to end or should i skip around, I got the book about a week ago and have been skipping around but havent learned much and i was wondering if i should just read the entire book from beginning to end.
  17. K

    Performing Passes VS Controls

    How often do you perform a pass? I mainly use controls to get the card in the position it needs to be. Occasionally, I'll do a pass, but only if I'm performing for a single spectator. And yes, I'm aware that this question's answer depends entirely on the situation. But when the situation allows...
  18. Arconik

    Emotional Ideas

    Basically, I was going through my repertoire after watching some lectures and I found that I had no emotional patter at all in any of my main tricks (and any trick I have used ngl). I just wanted to know what emotional things, I can try to incorporate into my tricks. I'm kinda stumped as I can...
  19. Arconik

    Not-Straight Corner Rip TNR

    Okay, so this is going to be hard to explain but i'll try. All tnr (that i've seen) use a straight line (straight corner/all four corners etc.). Basically you normally fold the card to get a straight line and then tear that off. Do some things and then restore it in whatever way. However, is...
  20. J

    Where to start with Mentalism?

    Hey Guys! This question was probably asked and answered a whole lot of times but I didn't find a recent post about it. I've been into magic (mostly card magic) for nearly 3 years, now I'd like to get into something new and I decided to try learning mentalism (especially propless mentalism). I...
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