1. JLAndersonMagic

    Favorite Card Teleportation?

    Hello everyone! One of the most powerful tricks I do is a card teleportation based off of one of Alex Rangel's tricks. So I was wondering if anyone had any favorites to share, leave links to, or have any ideas?
  2. A

    Billet Knife

    Hey guys. I'm trying to buy a billet knife. I want to do a card to soccer ball effect. The only one that I've seen online is the poor boy billet knife Does anybody who own it know if the knife if it is strong enough to cut a soccer ball or if it would work for the effect that I'm trying to make...
  3. Mind_Over_Magic

    Can You Help Me With Great List of Effects For an 18th year bday party (walk around) gig?

    Hi Everyone, I have a gig in a couple weeks for a young lady's birthday party who is turning 18 years old. It will be a lot of friends her age (about 15-20 of them) and the rest family and adults (another 15 people). It will be mostly walk around and small group performances over a 2 hour or...
  4. E

    What are some youtube channels that teach how to make gimmicks?

  5. thematthoward

    Printing on flash paper (advice/methods)

    Hey everybody! Looking to make some custom flash paper gimmicks. Saw Justin Flom do a trick where he had a packet of sweet and low that was made from flash paper and then the sugar appeared inside a dollar bill. I know how to do all of that but haven’t had any experience making custom items out...
  6. thematthoward

    Making quarter gimmicks. (Advice or methods)

    Looking to make my own quarter gimmicks bent quarters and split quarters. Want to be able to leave my spectator with an impossible object to making them myself seems much more budget friendly. Rather than bending and restoring.
  7. Y

    Kids Magic Show

    Hey guys, I've been performing quite a bit of shows lately and I've recently gotten a very great opportunity. This week on Wednesday I performed my 45 minute kids magic show that I have been working on at a daycare for a group of eight (preschoolers) 4-6 year olds and their teacher. This...
  8. netyjoon

    My performance video for photo magic trick! best reaction for Korean actress!

    Today I upload the magic trick video. I performed a magic trick to the actress. It was a really great time. Please enjoy the video. - My English isn`t good enough but I tried my best. - This magic tricks review contained opinion, so please consider it. - I`m not gotta selling about my review...
  9. netyjoon

    MF-JOON magic review : Silhouette by Tobias Dostal magic review

    Today review is a really special product review. I`m gotta review about the Silhouette by Tobias Dostal Silhouette by Tobias Dostal is received favorable reviews from many magicians. You can perform the shadow routine with your smartphone. It's really worth to buy. Please enjoy the video...
  10. netyjoon

    MF-JOON`S MAGIC REVIEW: WOW 3 by Masuda Katsuya

    Today I`m gotta review really legendary magic product review I`ll review WOW 3 by Masuda Katsuya. It`s really nice product. it`s the best magic products to buy. Please enjoy the video. Please click like button and subscribe button! - My English isn`t good enough but I tried my best. -...
  11. Fletch55

    Children’s Magic

    I don’t have too much experience with children’s magic but I would like to start getting into it. I was wondering if anybody had some great children show magic tricks (my favorite is where kids are yelling at the magician for not seeing something or something like that) Thanks
  12. BlakeBN

    Flash Products

    What's up guys, A little disappointed that I don't get a lot of interaction but never the less, I'm trying another post. I was looking into different ways to use flash products, IE: - Flash Paper - Flash Cigarettes Just looking for different ideas on how to use them! Thank you in advance
  13. T

    where can i find the trick to guess a stranger's phone password??

    just like the title said. im looking for the effect of guessing someone's password its like the trick in chris ramsay's video: it starts at around 6:27
  14. AamirHooda

    How to reveal a card with the Werm flourish

    I saw this thing on instagram or youtube a while ago where someone was able to reveal a card with the werm flourish. It was a long time ago so I don't have the video, but does anyone know how to do this? Thanks.
  15. netyjoon

    BEST MAGIC SHOW 2019 Charming Choi & Alexander Family

    Hi I`m MF-JOON. Today, I upload about the Alexander Magic Bar Special Show It held on the Sinsa station in Korea. The Alexander magic bar was the first magic bar in Korea. and it was related to Alexander Lee who was the first magician in Korea The Charming Choi (최현우) was a student of him...
  16. J

    Cardistry/ Magic dominant hand

    Hey guys, so I'm left handed and I'm used to holding my deck in my right hand. The problem is, I learnt some tricks/ moves with the left hand and some with the right hand, which I only noticed recently (maybe its because I learnt most of them from online videos and I tend to mimic what they do...
  17. cardistry.exe

    This is the BEST deck for cardistry & magic.

    Hello there, I just made a video about in my opinion one of the best deck of cards. Enjoy!
  18. A

    Can you give me your thoughts on this Card Control I created?

    Here is the video: I just want to know your thoughts on this card control that I think I created.
  19. A

    Have you ever fooled a magician with a double lift? What do you think is the best double lift?

    I use David Blaine's double lift, as I think it is pretty undetectable
  20. A

    What are some of the most important techniques taught in Card College(1-4)?

    Try and keep it between 3 and 7.
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