1. A

    Chris ramsay mentelisum trick someone help

    Hi so i saw this trick on chris ramsay's youtube (famouse magician) i was wounder how it was done. the link to the video is -------
  2. matthewwhitt2

    David Blaine Promotional Deck?

    I've been told that there exist a deck of cards that was used to promote Blaine's first TV special "Fearless". They supposedly are impossible to find because ABC had them made but Blaine thought they looked like crap and had all he could get destroyed. The backs of the cards look just like how...
  3. A

    Card cheating switch

    There is a card switch that I saw many times by many magicians and card mechanics like Richard Turner which is switching card/s on the table with palmed ones. Can anyone give some information about it and name some books or videos that teach it?
  4. B

    Impossible Prediction Idea

    I recently purchased some Akkelian Envelopes. They're gimmicked, so you can know what a specator wrote inside of them. I'm developing a routine, where once I know the "word" they wrote, I could maybe somehow use the one ahead principle to "predict" what word they chose. Basically, I need...
  5. JordyDoust

    What would you like to learn?

    I create a blog for magicians and laymen, I work very hard to make it informative and enjoyable, but want to know what you, as magicians would like to see next... here are some of my recent blogs and upcoming ideas: How to become a magician How to avoid the wedding tax 10 things you should...
  6. Nerv

    Deck Switch?

    Does anyone know any goo deck switches? And does anyone know which kind of deck switch Daniel Madison used in this video...
  7. Mind_Over_Magic

    Ambitious Magician in Los Angeles Looking to Meet Other Hungry Magicians to Practice/Work With.

    Hello, my name is Matthew and I live in Los Angeles right near the Magic Castle. I am absolutely engrossed in the world of magic and don't have enough friends or people in general to perform for or practice with. I love sharing what I know, acting as a mentor, and am not looking for anything...
  8. B

    Is there anywhere where Sixth Sense 2.5 by Hugo Shelley is in stock?

    Looks like the supplier needs to stock up, but there isn't anywhere that has this in stock, right?
  9. B

    How do you think this amazing Rock Paper Scissors illusion is done?

    Interesting actually, I'm beginning to think it's statistical or something, maybe not related to magic or mentalism??
  10. J

    Duplicate signature from an audience member

    Hello Everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew a way to have a duplicate audience member signature, regardless of your audience member, in the same place on a duplicate card. I assume this would require a gimmick and that is OK, just somewhere to get me started. I want this effect to work...
  11. R

    New to Magic, Need Help with Definitions

    Hello everyone! I am new to magic and I just got The Expert at the Card Table today. I was looking through it and saw quite a bit on a technique called a shift. The issue is, I have no idea what that is... If anyone could kindly let me know what that is, I would be very appreciative. Also, if...
  12. V

    Short cards

    I have been making and using short cards in almost every one of my decks for 4/5 years now, and have come up with some (I believe) novel uses, aside from the usual key-card placements etc. Are there any resources for learning more short card techniques? I'd like to learn some more. I've...
  13. I

    In need for help ;(

    I have a trick in mind that requires me to be able to controll a card from the middle of the deck to the second from the top, can anyone help me.
  14. Nerv

    Magic trading?

    Hello what are your thoughts on trading magic tricks with other people? They can send magic tricks to other people through Dropbox or any other source.
  15. W

    Three Crazy card tricks!
  16. Nerv

    Hired as a magician( but don't know a lot of tricks)

    Hello, i was invited to my friend's birthday party, which is going to be around next week. He hired me to do some magic tricks for $15/ 1 hour. Although i loved the idea, i only know a couple of good tricks. I learned the double lift, bottom deal, and some sleights. I would like to know which...
  17. A

    Back clipping a coin

    I am doing a coin trick that requires be to clip a coin behind my hand while showing that my palm is empty, but my hand looks very stiff. Any tips on making a back clip appear natural (images if possible)?
  18. Arif Ammirul

    Trick name?

  19. Josh Mickelson

    If any of you need a laugh just read the highlighted parts - thank me later :p For some reason, I just find the absurdity of some of these methods frankly entertaining. The tricks work, but they do so though such strange methods that it's simply funny...
  20. A

    Will this sleight work?

    I have an idea for a trick but wanted to check before spending hours mastering it: 1. Show palm of hand is empty while pinching coin between fingers behind it. 2. Flip hand over to show back of hand is empty while opening fingers to allow coin to roll into palm. 3. Reveal coin.
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