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  1. I have a trick in mind that requires me to be able to controll a card from the middle of the deck to the second from the top, can anyone help me.
  2. Ed Marlo's Tilt move would be perfect. Or a bluff pass
  3. A bluff pass or Marlo's Tilt would be perfect! You could also control it to the top and execute a top change, but I would go with one of the first 2.
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  4. You can use Simon Black's Paradigm Shift, but yeah, the ones above are good.
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  5. Beat me to it - Marlo's Tilt is probably the easiest control out there for that, it shouldn't be a problem at all.
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  6. I personally think that The bluff pass is wayyyyy easier, and a much better illusion.
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  7. The OP stipulated "Control a card from the middle to the second position". For that I would use a variation of a cover pass. Or a side steal.
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  8. For a really easy way, you could just drop a card down on top and do a double undercut.
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  9. I disagree, personally. I think that if Marlo Tilt is more convincing when presented correctly. It also has better angles, with just a bit of audience control and watching sight lines. Maybe my bluff pass is just lacking, but I'm not a fan.
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  10. Well I worked on my bluff pass a lot, and I have found subtleties that convince me, and honestly I think the angles are relatively the same. To each his own :)
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  11. Thanks for everyone eho help me out i really appreciate your help
  12. This is actually what i was looking for thank you very much.

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