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  1. TheDerpsterKoder

    Urgently need to fin who came up with the 7 principles of magic theory

    Hey guys I'm writing an academic paper for a university assignment and in it I talk about the 7 principles of magic (palm, steal, ditch ect), and I need to reference who came up with it, but I can't find who first mentioned that theory. The only thing google says is that Penn and Teller talk...
  2. Arconik

    Good Tricks for a Promotional Video

    Hello theory 11, I am 16 years old and trying to create a promotional video for Facebook, to hopefully be booked for things like barbeques or anything that gets me out the house. However, my initial thought was to do with the following presentation: Hello I am (patter)... I can do anything...
  3. Syd The Magician

    I need some advice on releasing an effect

    I need some help/advice since I really don't know what to do. Last year I created an effect that I call the Pocket Séance. Story is based on the Curse of the Crying Boy The basic idea is: In 1985 in the UK a tabloid called the Sun reported over 50,000 house fires in a span of a few months...
  4. E

    Faulty deck

    Hi, I'm new here. First of all, I want to apologize for any written mistake in my posts (English is not my mother tongue). I couldn't find an active forums site about playing cards in general, as this one is from theory11 and aimed to cardistry. Anyway, I will try to make my doubt as general as...
  5. A

    Android Phone Magic

    Hello everyone, I recently saw cyber for sale on the T11 website. I know of yet it isn't compatible with Android I don't think - you can correct if I'm wrong. What other alternatives are on the market that - in your opinion - you would recommend? I searched for a bit but all other forums are...
  6. Ryker_47


    Hey, So for various reasons I basically gave up on magic late last year. Before then i was doing well, showing people tricks at parties, constant practice, even had a paid show. But, i had some bad experiences with a well known magician (names not being given, cause I'm holding out hope this can...
  7. H

    Has this been done before.

    So I've come up with a trick that's done best with crowds where I take my phone out, show the time, then I have someone else change the time on my phone by adding 5 minutes and everyone's phones are now on that same time. Please tell me if it's been done before.
  8. Arconik

    Borrowed Object Gimmicks

    Hello everyone, I have been searching for some time now and I can't come to a conclusion. I've already got a few card routine gimmicks and Christopher Kohler's Burner, but I was searching for a gimmick that uses a borrowed object. This could be a coin, some headphones, or like an empty can etc...
  9. Mind_Over_Magic

    Can You Help Me With Great List of Effects For an 18th year bday party (walk around) gig?

    Hi Everyone, I have a gig in a couple weeks for a young lady's birthday party who is turning 18 years old. It will be a lot of friends her age (about 15-20 of them) and the rest family and adults (another 15 people). It will be mostly walk around and small group performances over a 2 hour or...
  10. Jack_3115

    BB gun trick

    I'm trying to recreate this trick performed by Justin Flom. I am in no way wanting to reveal any of this trick. I have too much respect for Justin and this community to do that, but I would like to recreate this effect. I'm just wanting to make sure that this is 100% safe and I will not...
  11. K

    Theatre Magic Tricks - Help!

    Hello! I have been hired to design props for a theatrical adaptation of Sword in the Stone. We have modernized Merlin a bit to have a David Bowie vibe instead of the classic Merlin with the long beard and robes. Anyways! I need some help. Our director wants Merlin's staff to appear out of thin...
  12. ScwallerCards

    Which gimmicks to get?

    Hello! I am a card guy, and the only gimmicks I have are the invisible deck, a Svengali, and a deck of NOC gaffs. I got some spending money and really want to get a trick that I can take everywhere, use for multiple tricks, and doesn't have any specific limitations. Of course this is almost...
  13. londonfereaud

    My hands are weird...

    I have started magic about 5 months ago and I learned all the basic skills very easily and have spent all these past 5 months mastering the basics, but I have problems with my palm. I am left handed but I am accustomed to holding things in my left hand of course so i started with holding the...
  14. P

    Sound Discipline

    How do you reduce the noise of certain moves with cards? For example the cardini change has a very distinctive swoosh and click, there is a move developed by Nic Suriano and taught on Alex Pandrea's youtube where that is similar, and the other hand is occupied preventing a finger snap or any...
  15. Derek Humberson

    Shin Lim making an awesome fan

    Came across Shin Lim doing this double fan. Looks like he is springing the cards from a faro shuffle, then using his thumb and and pointer finger to hold the cards like a rifle fan. I've never witnessed this move anywhere. My jaw on the floor. Here is the link...
  16. A

    Any suggestions for propless mentalism?

    Hi Guys! I am just getting into propless mentalism and I am willing to put in all the hard work. I just picked up Proteus and I have to say that it’s great! I like to say that I’m good with memory work. How should I get started? What should I get?
  17. C

    Help to find video

    Hi, I need some help to find one really cool video. Searched through all my history on youtube and nothing. It was a really inspiring and funny video, I will try to condense what happens in there. The magician is some kind of clown, long hair and ponytail and his magic all backfire or fail...
  18. D

    Can't remember a routine

    There was a routine that I loved. It used three cards, two of them were the same (the joker's for example) and one of them was different (a queen, for example) and placed in the middle. The routine consists in having the espectator holding the "three cards" and the middle card would be pulled...
  19. D

    From where can I learn Eric Chen’s half vanishing card?

    Hi guys I pretty much know all of Eric’s amazing Ribbon Act but the part where he vanishes the half card and then picks the piece up really bugs me out.Can someone direct me to a book or dvd from where I can learn it?Thanks in advance!
  20. A

    Difference between Bicycle Maiden Back Marked Cards and Penguin Magic Marked Cards

    Now this question might sound stupid, but I'm confused. Is there a difference between the Bicycle Maiden Back Marked Cards and Penguin Magic Marked Cards? I mean both are selling at almost the same price on the Penguin Magic website. If there is can you help me with: 1. Which one is easier to...
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