1. L

    Best card to envelope version?

    Hey, what's the best card to envelope version? thinking about adding it to my ambitious card routine. and where to get it ?
  2. M

    Tagged by Richard Sanders

    Hiya, I live in the UK and I bought Tagged by Richard Sanders, it came with a gimmick card and dog chain. Moving forward I would like to use different cards to force and go on the chain. I would like help from those who have or know this trick as I don't really want to give it away. I was...
  3. T

    Mnemonica Memorisation Help

    Hey guys, I'm hoping some of you can help me somehow. So recently, over the past couple of weeks or so, I have been trying to learn the Mnemonica stack. Now I'm not entirely sure how to word this but, I can with ease recite most cards of the deck without failure each time, IN ORDER. However...
  4. K

    Classic Pass: Question and tips??

    Hi so I've been doing magic for around 2 years on and off, and when I gave up on the pass a while ago. Recently I tried picking it up again as a mostly angle proof slight and I noticed a few problems that I encountered that weren't mentioned anywhere on the interwebs. Problem 1: When I'm...
  5. pit820

    Green Bikes! Help!

    First off sorry if this is in the wrong section this is my first post. It's a question about a product, just not one of T11's. So I have been sitting here for about the last hour nostalgically reminiscing about my path through magic, and pondering what made me start it all. Something I hadn't...
  6. Jesse120502

    Who am I? (Magic Trick)

    He guys! Does anyone know how this effect is called? You place a sticky note with a famous people on it on someone's head... Than you snap your fingers and the spectator knows who it is!!! I have a video of it but it is in Dutch I hope somebody can help me!
  7. kleigh

    What is the Mnemonica Stack's Purpose?

    Hello! Just today I've been working on memorizing the mnemonica stack, and in the past couple of hours, I've memorized the first 30 cards of the stack, though it became really tedious. This caused me to question, "What is the purpose of the mnemonica stack?" I really don't know the answer. Is...
  8. K

    Book suggestions

    Im quite experienced at magic, i would say im probably around an intermediate level of magic although I literally have no magic book and have never read any but Christmas is just around the corner, i was looking for some books that have tips for performing such as walk around and close up and...
  9. K


    So its christmas soon and i was thinking about getting the sansminds vapr, i have read alot of reviews on this product and alot of them are positive and negative. Alot of the reviews say that it doesnt produce alot of smoke or doesnt work. If any of you own this product can you please help me on...
  10. I

    Venom vs Spider Pen Pro vs Tarantula 2

    Basically the title says it all. So I recently purchased the Venom and it should be coming in a couple days. I just want to know before I open it if it really is the best of the three. Brand new to thread stuff so any opinion or advice is much appreciated. Is it possible with the...
  11. K

    Magic for a job

    So i am still young (16) and I currently need a part time job but everywhere i have applies wont allow me to work as the places i have applied for you have to be 18, i applied for bars and restaurants, as they wont allow me to work, i was thinking about walking in to a bar and volunteering for...
  12. I

    Help to reverse a spell (new witch)

    So 2 days ago I casted a love spell on someone. It wasn't black magic I just invited him to approach me with his own will. I still regret it though and I want to undo it but I don't know how. Can somebody help please? I also used a candle and a piece of paper to cast it if that's helpful. Should...
  13. K

    Needle and thread trick

    So there is a trick where the magician takes some pins and swallows them and then takes some thread and swallows that, then the magician pulls the thread out of his mouth and all of the needles are attached to the thread. I have seen it performed by many magicians such as penn and teller and i...
  14. J

    Straddle Pass Help

    So i'm pretty new to sleight of hand magic. I've been working on the straddle pass and i'm struggling. I have the move done and understand that the angles need to be correct etc. But, my question for all of you is, what can I do to mask/eliminate the noise? I'm not ruling out the possibility...
  15. GavHern

    What Cardistry Should I Learn?

    Hello, forms! I have been wanting to learn some cardistry for a while but I haven't been able to find anything I like. I want a really good looking, flowy and clean cut that isn't too hard. I would say I'm somewhere in the Intermediate-range but not too advanced. If you have anything to clarify...
  16. K

    Youtube magicians

    hey guys, I wpuld like some recommendations on YouTube magicians that post frequently and post magic performances to crowds, magic on youtube is dry at the minute as i have watched alot of magicians on YouTube and would like to find new magicians, the magicians i already watch are chris ramsay...
  17. Fletch55

    Venom Vs. Tarantula 2

    Hello I was just wondering about the new Venom and Tarantula 2 tricks If you could I would like to know both the pros and cons of both devices and which one, in your opinion, is better. Thank You and Have A Nice Day
  18. K

    Stage magic tips

    So i want to expand my magic, knowledge and performance wise, i have recently been interested in stage magic and I perform and practice close up so i would like some help on beginner stage magic. Recommendations on books and dvds for beginner stage magic would be nice or any reccomendations...
  19. K

    Venom by magie factory

    Just wondering if anyone has the new ITR venom on illusionist. I was debating purchasing it but before i was wondering if there is any ITRS on the market that are better e.g. Durable, strong, invisibe i have not got any itrs apart from loops therefore i dont really know the best levitition devices.
  20. K

    Magic at school and college

    So i am a 16 year old magician and have been practicingfor around 3 years and have just gone into college. In school i never told anyone that i was a magician as i felt like i was still an amateur magician and still learning, but now i feel like i can perform and have excelled in my magic...
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