Magic by lost art magic ideas?

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  1. Hey guys
    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes xD

    I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for malic, by lost art. Other then the ones in the tutorial at least. I’ve come up with a few myself but was wondering if anyone else had come up with some good ideas for it.

  2. Hey no worries man, what do you mean by malic and the tutorial?
  3. Like what ideas does anyone have for malice, which if you don’t know is a gimmick card that reveals a word or whatever on the side of the deck. In the tutorial they give a few ideas such as vanishing a match and making it appear in the side of the deck and then using malice, make the match light on fire. They also show how to reveal a selected card. But I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas of what to do with malice, such as any other things to reveal (instead of doing just the simple pick-a-card-reveal-card type effect) or something, or maybe even another effect that could work together with malice?
  4. I don't have it, but based on your description, you could probably do this impossible location effect:

    First, you force a card on them. Then you ask them to put it back in the deck. Control it, palm it, ditch it. Now say that the deck will tell you where the card is, and cut to a card. When it's not their card, you say "Look at the deck" or whatever, and it'll say "No where". While they're surprised, you change it to say "Check the __________", which is where you have loaded the force card.
  5. Hmmmm, I guess but the malice gimmick allows you to show one message (or have nothing and then reveal a cards, etc...) and then change it visually to another. So I’m not sure if it would work with this effect, but I’ll give it some thought. Thanks!
  6. You can easily hide the "No Where one" by just keeping the deck slightly tilted down and away from the audience (assuming it's on the side). Or do a deck switch.

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