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  1. P

    Daniel Garcia's “Perpendicular Vanish” and card vanishes

    Does anybody know where Daniel Garcia's “Perpendicular Vanish” can be learned? And also what are other great card vanishes except Daniel Madison’s "Half Vanish", Chad Nelson’s “Clip Shift”, Tony Chang's "Be Kind Vanish" and The Rub-a-Dub Vanish
  2. P

    How to invisibly set up Ace through King of one suit in front of spectator?

    I am trying to find a way to perform Disposition triumph from a shuffled deck
  3. H

    Riffle Cull/ Stevens Cull

    I have recently seen a few older videos depicting someone culling a four of a kind of a random card from a shuffled deck. The preformer stated the move used was called the Stevens Cull and, after hours of searching, I was unable to find a good tutorial of how this move is preform. Does anyone...
  4. H

    Has this been done before.

    So I've come up with a trick that's done best with crowds where I take my phone out, show the time, then I have someone else change the time on my phone by adding 5 minutes and everyone's phones are now on that same time. Please tell me if it's been done before.
  5. Arconik

    Coin Benders (UK)

    So I know this is an american site but I prefer the community here. I am looking for a coin bender and before I settled on ox bender, however when I went to my magic shop to get a new pk ring as my old one broke and he said ox bender isn't the best for English coins and he would recommend...
  6. 2

    Magic Shops in utah????

    Is there any magic shops in utah that have high quality decks and stuff like slights and books and dvds on cardistry? I live in the layton kaysville area.
  7. The_real_schleem_shady

    Better presentation

    I think my presentation is the weakest part of my magic but I know its the most important part. So I was just wondering if you had any tips on how to make people more invested and have better reactions through a better presentation. Any book / video suggestions dealing with the subject would...
  8. L

    Christmas Themed Magic

    Hi Everyone I am looking to learn some Christmas themed magic tricks for my restaurant bookings. I am planning to get the spectator to tell me what they would get me for Christmas, and i pull out a thank you card thanking them for the present. I've had a few ideas of how to do this but keep...
  9. K


    Hey guys I need some advice, I've been doing magic for around 4 years and I'm going to try and make it a permanent job in the future. I recently got into a relationship with a girl and she doesn't know that I do magic and want to tell her but I don't think the time is right, instead I had a...
  10. TheDerpsterKoder

    Magic by lost art magic ideas?

    Hey guys Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes xD I was wondering if anyone has any ideas for malic, by lost art. Other then the ones in the tutorial at least. I’ve come up with a few myself but was wondering if anyone else had come up with some good ideas for it. Thanks!
  11. K

    Differe Loops

    So i like performing the haunted deck but i spend around an hour stretching my loops then i only get around 10 performances maybe more until it snaps, also the loops seem to be different, some loops are more elastic and durable than others, i purchase my loops off ebay for quite cheap and i was...
  12. J

    Straddle Pass Help

    So i'm pretty new to sleight of hand magic. I've been working on the straddle pass and i'm struggling. I have the move done and understand that the angles need to be correct etc. But, my question for all of you is, what can I do to mask/eliminate the noise? I'm not ruling out the possibility...
  13. K

    Magic at school and college

    So i am a 16 year old magician and have been practicingfor around 3 years and have just gone into college. In school i never told anyone that i was a magician as i felt like i was still an amateur magician and still learning, but now i feel like i can perform and have excelled in my magic...
  14. R

    New to Magic, Need Help with Definitions

    Hello everyone! I am new to magic and I just got The Expert at the Card Table today. I was looking through it and saw quite a bit on a technique called a shift. The issue is, I have no idea what that is... If anyone could kindly let me know what that is, I would be very appreciative. Also, if...
  15. JordyDoust

    Help with magic blog

    It's been a while but I'd really appreciate any ideas for possible blogs for my website, the blogs are aimed at all levels of magic ranging from people who want insight into the magic community all the way to the professional magician. So anything you'd like to see, please feel free to comment...
  16. Antonio Diavolo

    Prom magic

    Alright so I'm 17 and just found out a girl wants me to ask her to prom. Being me, I of course want to do this with magic. Any ideas for tricks I could do and how I should go about doing this? My idea was to do a trick to actually ask her and then make a rose appear. What do you think? Any...
  17. M

    Busking Tricks + Tips???

    Hello! So in a months time I have a busking thing that goes on for most of the day at school, were we raise money and preform for the School boarders, Im the only magician everyone else plays an instrument. So i was wondering ive never busked before, i have a 2 year experience with magic with a...
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