Coin Benders (UK)

Nov 13, 2019
So I know this is an american site but I prefer the community here.
I am looking for a coin bender and before I settled on ox bender, however when I went to my magic shop to get a new pk ring as my old one broke and he said ox bender isn't the best for English coins and he would recommend coinvexed. I have seen some other people argue about it but can't seem to get a definite answer. Other coin benders I know are things like quantum bender(though don't really want to bend anything else than coins).
Any help is appreciated, it can be from reviews or own experience.
Thanks for your time.
If you are trying to bend just coins then Coinvexed and quantum bender are your two best options in the market. I think the main issue is just the nature of many UK coins being 2 parts which may cause issues when attempting to bend. You will run into issues with those coins regardless of which bender you use.

Quantum does not provide enough of a bend to really work on those coins. Coinvexed does, but really I would steer away from bending those types of coins in general and just stick to whichever best suits your performing style.

I hope that helps!
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