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  1. Alright so I'm 17 and just found out a girl wants me to ask her to prom. Being me, I of course want to do this with magic. Any ideas for tricks I could do and how I should go about doing this?

    My idea was to do a trick to actually ask her and then make a rose appear.

    What do you think? Any other ideas? Thank you so much!
  2. Light a bunch of candles with a "torch" and perform French Kiss only put "Prom?" instead of your actual name and don't let her see the message as you write it. Then when she says yes, turn the "torch" into a rose via the torch to rose effect.
  3. I don't really see her outside school.

    I've never asked a girl to a dance so I don't know how I should go about doing this.
  4. Ah so it has to be done in school. I love a good challenge. I might have to think on this a little bit longer but my idea for now is to do any 4 Ace (or four of any kind) production that has the words "P-R-O-M" written on them (or rather blank cards) and then deal out another card that has a question mark on it.
  5. What about the flower?
  6. Try the Napkin Rose by Michael Mode.
  7. Alright, thanks for the ideas man!
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  8. Anthony:

    Focus on her and not the trick. Once you pull out a deck of cards, that takes the focus off of her and on to you. Additionally, you will be nervous because of asking her out and more likely to screw up any effect.

    There is a magic to the moment of asking someone to go with you to a prom - no tricks required. Your original idea of having a rose appear when she says "yes" is simple and beautiful.

    If you do want to do a magic effect, French Kiss would work. What you would do is (after forcing the 2 of Hearts) is ask her, "Without letting me see what you write, write down the answer to a question that I'm going to ask you. I can't tell you what the question is, but the answer is either 'yes' or 'no.'" Then you tell her, "I'm going to write down a question, but I can't let you see what it is." She opens the question and you open the answer.
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  9. That could work. I like your point of making it more simple and focusing on her while also simply making a rose appear. Any recommendations for an appearing rose trick?
  10. Keep it simple like hiding it in your sleeve and pulling it out. It can look very nice if you practice a bit in front of the mirror.

    Even if you mess it up from getting nervous or whatever, it will still be cute and fun probably get a laugh.
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  11. cool :)
  12. Why not try making an origami rose head out of flash paper, you set it on fire and then 'Poof' it becomes a real rose head.
  13. I don't know if I could get away with using flash paper at school. I could always ask about it.
  14. Ooh. I didn't think about that part...
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  15. For a larger rose, I would use the Flip-stick move from Tarbell, Volume 7, p. 221. A good method using a shorter rose is Jeff McBride's Zoro-Rose from Larry Haas's book Gift Magic.
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  16. It's alright lol
  17. Alright cool
  18. Good luck and let us know how it goes :)
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  19. I agree with R1 here on keeping it simple when asking her out to prom. If you want to do a bigger effect like he suggests here with French Kiss, I'd offer my suggestion to utilize it some time DURING prom. If she is feeling you like that after a couple of dances this is a good way to set up a real kiss for later. Hold her hands, look into her eyes, flirt with her and lean in as if going for a real kiss, but cut it short and do the reveal. Milk the moment. Then perhaps give her that real kiss at the end of the night. WITH HER CONSENT THOUGH PLEASE!
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  20. lol thank you

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