Has this been done before.

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So has it been done

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  1. So I've come up with a trick that's done best with crowds where I take my phone out, show the time, then I have someone else change the time on my phone by adding 5 minutes and everyone's phones are now on that same time.

    Please tell me if it's been done before.
  2. There’s an app by Patrick Kun called “timeline”. Which can be used to achieve the same effect. (Of course, that app is not necessary, you can do it also without it, but the app has some interesting features that make the effect look cooler)
  3. The app is just an electronic version of Alain Nu's "Psychochronetic".
  4. Thank you, luckily for me the fact that I don't use this expensive app will make my trick all the more impossible because I let an audience member do it.
  5. Psychochronetic is not an app, it's a variation of Banachek's PK Time.
  6. Wasn't talking to you. Obviously.
  7. Please refrain from being rude.
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  8. Sorry if I came off as rude but what I meant was that I wasn't disagreeing with them.

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