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  1. Just wondering if anyone has the new ITR venom on illusionist. I was debating purchasing it but before i was wondering if there is any ITRS on the market that are better e.g. Durable, strong, invisibe i have not got any itrs apart from loops therefore i dont really know the best levitition devices.
  2. I have it, and everything it advertises, it delivers. It is by far the most customisable itr I have ever used. On top of that, the things you can do with it are absolutely mind bending, and that's just the beginning! Its easy to use, reload, fix, customise, reposition, it allows for different rigs, it's crazy. It's probably the last itr you'll ever buy. I only ever buy thread now.
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  3. The best itr devices right now would probably be:
    1. Venom
    2. Spider pen pro
    3. A Kevlar thread itr you can buy at a magic shop.
    Stay away from Chinese manufacturers. Every single one I have bought overseas comes with this garish white thread, and rattles like an angry Hornets nest. I personally use spectra thread.
    If you want more information into ITRs, I suggest buying a cheap one, learning a rig, and seeing for yourself if you like it. I will say that I love them. I'll wear up to three rigs at a time, space providing
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  4. You can throw T2 in the list as well. Same quality as Spider pen pro, But a bit cheaper, And more casual I think.
  5. In my opinion, Venom is wonderful but you can't use it in every condition. Those who own it know what I mean. The ability to perform it in nearly all environments is what we prioritized when looking at this kind of product, which is why we went with Tarantula 2. The whole point of invisible thread is in its name (invisible), which the Tarantula 2 does a better job of as a whole.
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  6. Venom is a hefty investment at 160. I read there were wardrobe limitations. Would like to hear pros and cons versus Tarantula II.
  7. From my experience, just about every single itr is gonna have wardrobe restrictions. The benefit of venom is that it is flexible and customizable. I like how you can easily change thread on it, something that I've always disliked about most other itr.
  8. As for pro v con:
    Pros: much more versatile than t2
    Entirely mechanical, no motors
    Much more freedom of motion when in play
    More customizable than t2
    Cons: more expensive than t2
    Initially is more visible than t2
    More clothing restrictive (depending on rig)
    Reset after break takes some time.
  9. Yeah, I've also read it's a bit more visible and thicker than Spider Thread. It does look cool though. That time stop effect is wicked.

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