1. Davipar

    Animation Questions

    Most of us already know and have been using loops for a while. Despite that, I always like to watch new ways of improving their use. Why don't you release an streaming version of "Animation" so we, the magicians that already know and have loops, can watch theory 11's tips too without having to...
  2. adrianrnst

    Best IT reel?

    Hi, I'm very interested in starting to work with IT again and was wondering if I should get the Tarantula 2, the Spider Pen Pro or Venom? Besides price and design, what is the difference between them and which is the better one. Thanks!
  3. CardMagicNJ

    Recommendations for loops ???

    Hey everybody how are you ?? I've been considering lately to giving Loops a shot. Thing is I know when you purchase them pre-made they can get a little pricey and I can see myself breaking a bunch of them until I finally get the feeling for it. Also, has anybody on here used loops and how are...
  4. K

    Differe Loops

    So i like performing the haunted deck but i spend around an hour stretching my loops then i only get around 10 performances maybe more until it snaps, also the loops seem to be different, some loops are more elastic and durable than others, i purchase my loops off ebay for quite cheap and i was...
  5. K

    Venom by magie factory

    Just wondering if anyone has the new ITR venom on illusionist. I was debating purchasing it but before i was wondering if there is any ITRS on the market that are better e.g. Durable, strong, invisibe i have not got any itrs apart from loops therefore i dont really know the best levitition devices.
  6. M

    Top Ten Close up illusions

    Greetings all..!!! Ive been a fan of magic for over 15 years now, as hobby for 11 year and the rest as a semi pro close up magician. My specialty is close up and im pretty damn good at presentation. Sleight of hand is about 6.5 / 10 rating I guess. My question is what would you rate as the the...
  7. davebarr98

    Lights and Loops

    Hello everyone. Recently y bought some sets of Loops. I´ve seen some magicians who advise you to be careful whith the light when using them. But the thing is, they don´t say a word about how to know the lights are good or not. Any help or tips? Thank you!
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