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  1. hey guys,
    I wpuld like some recommendations on YouTube magicians that post frequently and post magic performances to crowds, magic on youtube is dry at the minute as i have watched alot of magicians on YouTube and would like to find new magicians, the magicians i already watch are chris ramsay, dan fernandez, justin flom, used to watch jibrizy lol and there are smaller youtubers that i watch but dont post regular, any recommendations is fine such as magicians that dont post anymore, i just enjoy watching magic and at the minute it is dry.
  2. Brian Brushwood (Scam School)
    And Steven Bridges
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  3. Stephen Bridges is my favorite.

    Collin's Key posts a lot, he's a magician and used to post more performance videos but he's transitioned to just being a run of the mill You Tuber now.

    Chris Ramsay, Alex Pandrea, and Xavier Spade all are pretty cool. They don't post a ton of performances but they talk about magic a lot. Word of warning, Spade can get really outspoken when he's talking to the public. From what I understand he's a super nice guy in real life.

    Chris Balinger was the original You Tube magician. He used to post magic every week but has slowed down.

    Jay Sankey posts tons of tutorials of his own original stuff.

    The Prophets Magic is a duo that does magic. They are fairly new to the game but they post a lot.

    One of my least favorite magicians of all time is Stuart Edge. He tends to post consistently.

    Shin Lim has been posting more recently.

    A ton of the best stuff is actually by magicians that don't post all that much. I'd say that there has been a bit of a decline in the last 3 years as well.
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  4. I think YT magic is on the decline because everyone has basically been doing the same thing for the past five years. Basically take a dash of every magician on TV, mix it all together, and act like it's never been done before.

    Because of that, magic on YT isn't nearly the draw that it once was. Now it's far more popular to engage the petty drama and in-fighting that happens, with the occasional performance post.
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  5. I agree, currently everyone is doing French Kiss by Wayne Houchin or Angle Z by Madison. It gets old.
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  6. Well, it's not only the same tricks. Which is absolutely true, too, I agree.

    It's the format of the performances, the scripts they use, the way they dress, the overall attitude of the performers, etc. It's mostly carbon copies with very few exceptions.
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  7. Don't forget some of the smaller YouTube channels out there. One of my favorite YouTube channels is owned by a user on here named Michael O'Brien. He posts tons of various content such as live performances, tips on being a better magician, reviews, and more. Here is a video to link you to his content:

    Another magician I like to follow is Ever Conjuring. He doesn't ever share videos of his performances but has high quality videos that go over reviews, theory, and magic tips. It's a really great YouTube channel and more people should check it out:

    As for my own YouTube channel, I try to have a variety of content. I do magic reviews with live performance demos (when I can), I post live street magic compilations, and I recently started a new thing called Friday Night Hangouts. The first episode is still up and we give out tons of advice on how to create your own headlining stage show such as how we got two $8,000 news station cameras for essentially free, securing the venue, and all the mishaps. Here is a link to one of my performance videos if you are interested:
  8. I heard that Eric Leclerc will be back in 2018
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  9. Not confirmed. Are you sure?
  10. I would second several of the recommendations here, just from knowing those people, though to be honest, I've not regularly watched their YT channels, lol.
    I've been posting weekly to YT recently, with weekly recaps of my daily IG videos. *Shameless self-plugging* *Shameless self-plugging*
  11. I heard Jibrizy is good...

  12. Ha.

    Actually, if you go back to his older videos, the performances are actually good.

    The thing is that even prior to the incident, his performances started to decline. Like, a lot. He prolly started faking the reactions to get them back up. IMO

    I mean, I saw this one where the camera starts with him standing next to a spectator saying "What are you thinking of?". The Spectator replies with "Spoons". Spoons. Spoons? Wth. Who thinks of spoons whilst walking down the street? And then, he produces a Giant Spoon from behind the dude. He did a slo mo, and you can clearly see the spectator's friend holding the giant spoon prior to the trick, and handing it to Jibrizy.

    The performance was horrible, regardless of fakeness. (IMO).

    But yeah, if you o back far enough, you'll find some decent stuff.
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  13. Not to go into hating on him or anything but why is Stuart Edge one of your least favorites? Just out of curiosity.
  14. It's actually sad to see a perfectly great magician to be spoiled just because of a single incident.
    But he did deserve it. Because:-
    1) No matter how good or bad you are, faking reactions doesn't cut it.
    2) Because of this incident, it will take another few years to convince laymen that what you showed on your magic performance video was not fake.
    3) He is not humble at all, which I have no problem with...BUT HE PROFESSES TO BE SO!
    4) His golden teeth look terrible.

    But this is not a discussion abt him...
    Some of the best magicians on YT are Chris Ramsay, Steven Bridges, Jay Sankey (tho I did think his vid abt Penn and Teller makes him seem big-headed), Russian Genius, Brian Brushwood and Jack Nobile.
    Not only because some of them upload tutorials, but their general style of magic is really cool.
    Did I say that I hate Jibrizy's gold teeth?
    I feel @Maaz Hasan, you said right. Jibrizy was alright before. He just cut his own leg with an axe. Infact, I actually doubt if he DID fool Penn and Teller.

    PS:- I still completely hate Jibrizy's gold teeth, just sayin'.

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