1. Antonio Diavolo

    The Problem with "Magic"

    Hey everyone! Magic on the internet has always been kind of conflicting to me. I don't mean exposure or anything. I just mean watching recorded performances of magic online. I love watching it myself but I know it's also not really the best way for laymen to experience it. I also always get...
  2. netyjoon

    The new fashion model reacts magic! magic reaction!

    Today video is really special! The new fashion model reacts to magic! her reaction was really priceless Please enjoy the video!
  3. netyjoon

    ITZY ICY fan sign event | Kpop Girl group singer ITZY reacts magic!

    Today I'm uploading the 190803 Kpop Girl Group ITZY ICY fan sign event It was really fun and a great time. I performed magic to ITZY members You can see their priceless reaction. I hope they enjoyed my magic...:) Please enjoy the video. Here is my magic product list what I used. 1. Fun...
  4. netyjoon

    MF-JOON`S MAGIC REVIEW: WOW 3 by Masuda Katsuya

    Today I`m gotta review really legendary magic product review I`ll review WOW 3 by Masuda Katsuya. It`s really nice product. it`s the best magic products to buy. Please enjoy the video. Please click like button and subscribe button! - My English isn`t good enough but I tried my best. -...
  5. netyjoon

    BEST MAGIC SHOW 2019 Charming Choi & Alexander Family

    Hi I`m MF-JOON. Today, I upload about the Alexander Magic Bar Special Show It held on the Sinsa station in Korea. The Alexander magic bar was the first magic bar in Korea. and it was related to Alexander Lee who was the first magician in Korea The Charming Choi (최현우) was a student of him...
  6. netyjoon

    What should I check the magic review channel?

    Hi I`m MF-JOON. I`m doing a magic review youtube channel. So I really need more information about the Good magic youtube channel. I already know the magic orthodoxy and ekaterina magic. But I think I need more know about the popular magic channel. Is there any suggest to check out?
  7. Avendsin

    Camera trick or no camera trick? My response to Daniel Madison's camera trick video

    After watching Daniel Madison's video on camera tricks, I could not help but share my own thoughts on this subject. Although I do disagree with Daniel on this topic, I should mention that I have nothing but respect for Daniel and his work. This is just a disagreement. It is an opinion to help...
  8. TimSpinosa

    Swift by Jofer Abata Review

    Check out this new Video by Tim Spinosa. Tim has over 20 years experience performing all types of magic, and would like to share his real world experience and knowledge with you. We do a Real Deal Review of Swift by Jofer Abata. We have a few other videos up, but many more in the works to...
  9. Zenn_Magic

    How people view magic

    I’m making a comedy video about how laypeople think when they hear magic terms. Unfortunately I can only come up with two; practicing magic and mind reading/mentalism. I need one or two more magic terms that have a double meaning. Any thoughts?
  10. Memes Magician

    Starting a YouTube channel

    Hi guys Iam thinking to start a YouTube channel with my two non-magician friends what's your opinion about it
  11. Loïc J.

    Youtube Channel - new webserie about cardmagic

    Hi everyone! I'm so excited to share this project with you! Back in 2012, I was a young student and I wanted to create a kind of short film or webseries about cardmagic. I wanted to record some card tricks but I wanted to have a story, characters, scenery and so on! As you can guess, this...
  12. C

    Rubik Cube Advice.

    Morning Guys and Girls, Hope my short post finds you well. My name is Connor and i am new to Theory11 and any magic forum in general however, like most of you, i have indeed spent hours pouring over peoples posts soaking up everyone else knowledge. I have been playing with playing cards for...
  13. imayur

    YouTube For Magicians

    Hello Magicians ! Like any other curious person i started to look up for magic on YouTube. Although there are few great content creators in terms of magic and I would like to know is YouTube is the best platform to present your magic to the audience ? Your suggestions are welcome !!!
  14. S

    Magic theory and history YouTube channel

    I've always wanted to create a YouTube channel revolving around magic, however not magic tricks tutorials. I was thinking "magician profiles" I'd do a video essay segment about certain magicians (houdini, shin lim, Dai Vernon, Paul Daniels, Tom Mullica) with things like what was their...
  15. Karo-K54

    How far can one go in card magic without paying for any tricks or tutorials?

    There are many channels out there on YouTube which teach magic, but obviously they won't teach everything they know for free. Some sleights are unclear on YouTube videos, and need to be more comprehensively explained and taught; some tricks can only be revealed by buying it from the creator etc...
  16. MissMagic_photos

    Showcasing magic and learning through YouTube

    hey everyone, I know there is a big debate about teaching magic on YouTube (when they don't have permission to do so) I totally get this but I'd like to showcase the skills and tricks I have learned over the past year and 3months to YouTube just for entertainment purposes and to show family...
  17. MissMagic_photos

    Can anyone help support a young aspiring female magician grow?

    Hey all, I've been doing magic just over 12months and I practice as much as I can sometimes even 3/4 hours a day and I have really learnt a lot in this time and I have so much respect for everyone in this industry who have magic as their full time job...I'm just a teenage girl with a dream I...
  18. Antonio Diavolo

    I hate asking this but...

    Does anyone know the name of the phone unlock trick Chris does in the video? And no I'm not asking for the method, just the name of the trick. Because I've seen others do this exact trick and it seems too impossible. I'm not accusing Chris of faking the video, I know he wouldn't do that. I'm...
  19. Gabriel Z.

    Youtube Guilt

    Hi folks, I have a YouTube channel , and lately I've been considering weather I should have put it up in the first place. I have read some threads on the forum concentrating on this topic. Moreover , I know of some people on this forum who also have YouTube channels. I think I...
  20. K

    Youtube magicians

    hey guys, I wpuld like some recommendations on YouTube magicians that post frequently and post magic performances to crowds, magic on youtube is dry at the minute as i have watched alot of magicians on YouTube and would like to find new magicians, the magicians i already watch are chris ramsay...
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