1. A

    Fighting exposure

    I came across a channel of a french "magican" that made actual tutorials on how to construct and use gimmicks like Little door, Hover card, Symbolized and many more tricks. They were not exposing videos, they were long videos explaining how to construct those gimmicks by yourself. So I thought...
  2. G

    Hope you can check my new vid on youtube!

    Hey guys, this is the link to my video on a channel that I have just started! Hope you guys from the magic community could encourage me and review my trick and presentation!
  3. S

    The Invisible Palm Technique (Youtube)

    Hey guys! Here it is my second video from my channel (SilverMagicAddict)! This time i tried to perform "The Invisible Palm Technique" with some music on it. I hope you like... and im sorry about the image of the video, don't know what's going on (to much pixel viewing and i dont know why) but...
  4. S

    Music for Youtube Performance (Invisible Palm Technique)

    Hey guys! As I posted on the other thread, I started my channel this week on youtube with already one performance in there. (as you will be able to see in the link bellow) Before I go to do the street performances, I want to start by doing some home performances with some "suspense" music. On...
  5. S

    First Magic Video on Youtube

    Hey guys! I just released my first magic video. I performed the Mcdonald's Aces with some music on... I would love to know your opinion/critics. I think like all of you we must have to learn with the critics (good or bad!). I want to do some more performance videos and street reactions, but...
  6. N

    College Kids React to Magic!

    Hey everyone, If you're interested in getting your magic fix in, I got just what you need... hopefully. I just posted a brand new video on my YouTube channel of me walking around my college campus and performing magic. It isn't just your run of the mill performance video, I made sure to slip...
  7. Momotheritz

    Magic music

    Hello! I created a youtube channel about a week ago or so and I am ready to post my first videos. I am looking for background music to play while I do magic or throughout the video but because I am into 50s and 60s music ( I'm weird ), I don't know many songs that would work well with this. I am...
  8. GrahamHorgan

    Your thoughts on showing a magic trick to the same people over and over again?

    (NOT IN PERSON, BUT UPLOADING YOUR MAGIC.) This is an issue I have for myself on uploading my tricks and routines to YouTube and such places. I`m sure you`re like me. You have close friends and family that follows your magic and will see theses videos. Don`t you think by them seeing it, it takes...
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