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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by SilverMagicAddict, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. Hey guys!

    I just released my first magic video. I performed the Mcdonald's Aces with some music on... I would love to know your opinion/critics. I think like all of you we must have to learn with the critics (good or bad!).
    I want to do some more performance videos and street reactions, but that was my start and i want to know how is it!

    Here's the link


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  2. Nice job! Work on being even more graceful with handling the cards. On some parts, you can slow down EVEN more!
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  3. Well done.

    A couple of comments (purposefully vauge to avoid exposure). The original display of the aces and the shuffle of the deck was well done. Pause just a little before the turnover of the first ace after you square the deck. Maybe make a hand gesture showing it is the 1st ace. I don't like the covering of the deck at :55. It looks like you are doing something, even though you are not. Substitute a gesture that leaves the cards fully in view (like waiving over the deck or tracing one finger over the top card). The dealing display at :59 isn't necessary unless the audience knows how you are doing the effect. Same comments for the second packet. For the third packet, the first count is unnecessary. Just show the cards in a spread. I know you are trying to set up the normality of the second count, but I don't think you need that. It actually makes the second count seem more out of place. It makes more sense to show a reversed card in the spread, make a magical gesture (again, avoid covering the cards) and then to show them one at at time with the card reversed. The second count just doesn't look right. The card should move from one hand to another one at a time not moving back to the original hand. PM me if you have questions on how to do that count correctly. The dealing display is unnecessary (unless the spectator knows the method) and looks suspicious. The final reveal of the four aces has no drama. This is the ultimate kick-in-the pants part of the routine and you just do it nonchalantly.

    I would do three different turnovers / insertions of the aces but deal them (after the change) using the same method. Use Jack Carpenter's Paintbrush Change for the second ace. That gives the impression that no matter what you do with the ace, it changes to an indifferent card (i.e. the result always looks the same). I also would tap each packet on the packed of cards on top of the Ace of Spades. That gives a magical explanation (the cards switch when you tap them) and set up anticipation for the final reveal. Before the final reveal square up the dealt cards. For the final reveal, take the four cards in your hand, take the Ace of Spades and turn it face down and put it on the bottom, deal the cards face up one at a time. THEN spread the other dealt cards (as a reminder -- the aces really aren't here). Leave the remainder of the deck out of it - it isn't important in the effect so it isn't important for the conclusion.
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  4. Thank you very much! I'll take it in count! :D
  5. Wow! I haven't realized many of those mistakes. I had to watch again to see that... Those are really great advices!
    I think that I was so stressed about making my first video that I couldn't think so clearly... And sometimes i try to see as a "muggle" to see what's there that i can do better... And that's why i joined here, to learn more!
    Thank you very much for you time! It means a lot!
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  6. There is no such thing as mistakes, only opportunities for improvement. For a first video, it was really good. Let me give you some of the principles behind my suggestions.

    I tend to like magic that has less movement and flair. I'm influenced a lot by Roberto Giobbi. Try the effect with just using the first turnover and regular deal. As a magician, you feel incomplete, like it is too easy. For the spectators, it is more magical because you are doing less. The focus is on the effect, not the movement of the cards. The problem with that is the repetition can expose methods (although I think the method here is strong enough that the spectators won't figure it out). That is what lead me to suggest the different handling of the turnovers / insertions but similar handling of the lay-downs.

    I think that magic should have an internal consistency. How does the effect magically happen? Often the spoken script gives some idea of this, but the moves also should give some idea. I think your cupping the cards was an attempt at this. However, it seemed to remove the cards from view and was a "closed" action rather than an "open" action. "Closed" actions raise suspicion (think taking a deck behind your back). The tapping of the cards on the packet with the Ace of Spades gave that internal logic - "when I tap the cards, they change places" while also setting up the final reveal. You want the spectators to "want" the magic to happen and providing an internal consistency helps generate their interest.

    It is hard to forget that you know the method. Magicians often try very hard to disprove the method when, for a regular audience the audience has no clue. When you disprove a method, do it in a subtle manner. Just showing the back of a packet once is enough to convince the audience. Showing it four times (and the display for the third lay-down), is telegraphing you have something to hide.

    I was thinking about this and decided that a better way is to deal the cards face down and then turn the Ace of Spades face up followed by the other cards. This builds the excitement a little more.
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  7. I feel what you are saying! That's why i can't thank you enough... I think we both agree that sometimes "less is more", and i still have to learn with that
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  8. You earn bonus points for using Peter Gundry music!

    I say your skills are quite polished but the real test will be how well you handle in front of live spectators. I would say you are ready to take it to the streets and try to overcome the nervousness and anxiety that comes with performing for real people. It will be hard at first but don't give up! It will only make you better. Plus if you film it, you can go back and see what you did right and wrong to improve your performance next time.

    Good luck!
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  9. Thanks a lot for your coment! That means a lot really!
    All of us just want to improve and improve more, and that make us what we are today. We just have to try and never stop.
    I'm already working on my second video and i need help for the song ahaha (other thread on this forum)
    Thanks a lot! :D

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