1. Tristan Magic

    Virtual Impossible Prediction by Tristan!

    Hello everyone! I'm happy that I released my new effect "Virtual Impossible Prediction". It's a mentalism routine for online shows & performances. A new method to achieve the cleanest prediction you've ever seen... It's similar to the master prediction as a mindset, but the method is...
  2. Y

    Cellphone inside ball of yarn?

    Hey y’all so recently Damien was on bgt and did the cellphone inside ball of yarn routine. Damien: Dan White: and it reminded me that Dan White did a similar effect on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon and I was just wondering if someone could reference a book or DVD for the same effect?
  3. Houston Curtis

    Holy Crap Aces & Pro Card Hustle by Card Mechanic Houston Curtis

    Hey guys....very happy to be on Theory11 Marketplace with my Holy Crap Aces and Pro Card Hustle download! I hope you guys enjoy it. If you want to learn more about me, please check out my artist Bio While I may be new to the magic community, I...
  4. L

    Magic Mat

    Does anyone know where I can get a cheap-ish hardback playing card mat. I don't want it to be too expensive and I have searched on ebay but can't even find one that is hardback.
  5. OveRide

    Gold monarchs quality

    Hey guys, I recently got a deck of gold monarchs and they felt really good out of the box, and they fanned really well, but then once I went back to it after a week or so, all the cards were stuck and weren't able to come iut of the tuck case..once I managed to get them out and I tried to fan...
  6. CardMagicNJ

    Thank you to All the Mods here !!

    Just want to take a second, and say thank you to the mods here on Theory11 who take the time to devote their knowledge and experience. Not being a kiss ass, lol, just grateful. They help us in every way possible from history, performance, and how to hold yourself professionally. So thanks to...
  7. Antonio Diavolo

    Deck Recommendation?

    This might sound like a stupid question but I'm looking for a deck for prom this year. Let me elaborate... My school's prom is more like a party. It's maybe 90% socializing and 10% actual dancing. Last year it was casino themed and this year it's Gatsby themed. So, I thought it would be cool to...
  8. Gabriel Z.

    Theory11 Fan Backs

    I just purchased a brick(12) of the Tally-Ho Fan Backs about a month ago from I could not be happier with the cards and the level of support I have received from this magical community. Here is a small token of my appreciation.:)
  9. Wkirk1467

    Theory11 app

    How useful would it be if Theory11 had an app. It could keep track of all of your videos, orders, and refills. It could update you on your shipments and forum replies/posts. You could have access to incredible magic with just a click. Thoughts?
  10. Antonio Diavolo

    Should I open my Gold Monarchs?

    Just got my Gold Monarchs from T11 in the mail today. I'm debating opening them. I don't think I'll resell them but I'm not sure if I want to open them or not. Then again, what's the point of having them if I don't take them out at some point. What do you guys think?
  11. serubi

    Red & Green Nationals playing cards

    It seems like Theory11 has made a deal with Barnes & Noble, because they sell red and green versions of the Nationals playing cards. I'm not sure how long these have been available, but just thought I'd share.
  12. leumas1960

    Theory11 Card Durability

    Considering the rigors of cardistry, how durable are the cards sold on Theory11, and which ones are the best overall? I want to buy some decks eventually, but I need to know how well they hold up, I regularly do springs, under pressure/fan, Lepaul spreads, one-handed shuffles, and faros, so I...

    Review & What's Next?

    So, I literally stumbled onto Theory11 due to the NPH playing cards, and I found so much more... I burned through tons of decks of plain old Bicycle's practicing cardistry. My fans, folds, shuffles, springs, the works. I also picked up a few slight-of-hand maneuvers that REALLY dressed things...
  14. Vazz

    Would You Buy This Effect?

    Hello, I recently came up with a effect and this is how it goes. It is a coin vanish. So your holding the coin in your dominant hand, and place the coin in the other hand with your pointer finger. As soon as your pointer finger stops touching the coin. The coin vanishes instantly. Very little/no...
  15. S

    First Magic Video on Youtube

    Hey guys! I just released my first magic video. I performed the Mcdonald's Aces with some music on... I would love to know your opinion/critics. I think like all of you we must have to learn with the critics (good or bad!). I want to do some more performance videos and street reactions, but...
  16. Antonio Diavolo

    Silver Monarchs?

    Anyone know where I can get this deck? Theory 11 had them "unlimited" for awhile but I never picked one up. The only one I can find is $125 on eBay which is more than some Gold Monarch listings. Are they really that rare? I wouldn't think so. If I could find them elsewhere, how much would they...
  17. Nerv

    Best Card Flourish?

    What is the best card flourish that you have learned? Was it free or did you have to pay? Thanks! (Extra points if its complicated!!!) :)
  18. Nerv

    What would you do with $100?

    How would you guys spend 100 dollars( or 80 British pounds)? I recently have had a trouble picking out magic tricks to buy. I love the Double Cross, Sleeper, and the Odyssey. I am also thinking about buying some David Blaine Gold Gatorbacks. Although it is well over 100 dollars, i will have to...
  19. Nexeriz

    An item that would be cool for the "Gear" section.

    I really wish Theory11 had tin deck cases, specifically for any standard size deck. So you can put any deck into it. It would be great for when you'd want to do street magic and you want to have something flashy to go with your act. Think of it like a money clip, except, for cards. What does...
  20. A

    The Archive // Elite Member Initiative

    Hey there, I visit The Archive every day to see if there is anything new added for buying with elite points. I can see that there is few stuff added into to The Archive such as Iphone 5 Case, and some decks. Would you add few of Iphone 6 Cases? That would make my day:D:)
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