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  1. This might sound like a stupid question but I'm looking for a deck for prom this year.

    Let me elaborate...
    My school's prom is more like a party. It's maybe 90% socializing and 10% actual dancing. Last year it was casino themed and this year it's Gatsby themed. So, I thought it would be cool to bring a deck that falls into that sort of roaring 1920s, art deco, style. Something like that. Any ideas?

    Thanks guys!

    Edit: I'd also prefer they be USPCC and bordered but it doesn't matter that much.
  2. Maybe a Vaudeville Deck?
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  3. That could work
  4. The Vaudeville Deck was just the first to pop in mind after seeing 1920s in your post. I'm pretty sure vaudeville was popular during the 1920s. Never read The Great Gatsby, so not sure what it was about.
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  5. It's not a very good book imo but I like the 1920s style and stuff.
  6. Well I know the NPH deck has a nice art deco design that could suit a Gatsby party for sure.
  7. NPH could be a good choice. There's also Pressers by Ellusionist. An underrated deck I think.
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  8. @ChristopherT @Stu-pendous
    I totally forgot about the NPH deck. That’ll work perfectly. Ill check out the pressers though.
  9. I second Pressers. It is basically mad men but with cards. Looks really classy. I like the court cards a lot!
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  10. NPH and Tycoons come to mind off the bat. More so the Tycoons, as they're a bit more gaudy and have the vibe of extravagance. You also get 4 colors to choose from to possibly fit the deck to the suit. If more subtle is your style: The vintage series is great as they've got styling from that time period but lack of the over the top feeling of the Great Gatsby.
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  11. I too would go with the Pressers
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  12. I'm casting my vote for the NPH cards. They would be a perfect fit for the theme.
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  13. If you're going for authenticity I would go for a more classic period correct design like aristocrats, tycoon, arrco etc.
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  14. You might look at the Nouveau series of decks produced by Bona Fide Playing Cards.

    It's more of the French Art Nouveau style, but could be what you are looking for. Here's what the card backs and some sample cards look like:



    For more info on these, check out my more detailed review here:

    Alternatively, you might want to take a look at the Avant-Garde deck which is is inspired by both the Art-Nouveau and Art-Deco movements.


    It's available here:
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  15. Hey bud,
    If you want to go bicycle also check out the Autumn deck, kind of looks like the above sample cards that Enders Game posted. $3 too
  16. Meh. Try Bicycle Aurora or Pressers.

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