1. V

    [Ideas?] Transport and store safely playing cards.

    Hi everyone! This is my first thread on the forum so do not hesitate to tell me if I am in the wrong section. I have been loving magic since I was a child but never had any opportunity to really get into it until a few years ago. I now start owning quite a few decks of cards and I struggle to...
  2. Davis West

    Looking for a Double Faced Deck

    I’ve been looking for a specific double faced deck that on a one side has a mixed up deck, but when flipped over the deck turns back to new deck order. I believe this was discussed in Joshua Jay’s “Unreal”. Does anyone have any ideas?
  3. cardistry.exe

    This is the BEST deck for cardistry & magic.

    Hello there, I just made a video about in my opinion one of the best deck of cards. Enjoy!
  4. C

    Red Monarchs Deck review

  5. Vzayy

    Brick Box ??

    Hello, I wanted to know if we buy 12 decks (a full brick) or 6 decks (half a brick), do we get a brick box with special design on it or do we just get the decks ? Does that depends on the deck ? (I saw that for the Mystery Box for 12 decks we get the special wooden box, but for other decks there...
  6. Antonio Diavolo

    What deck do you primarily use?

    For me, over the past few years I've just used standard Bikes since I bought a brick of them at Costco and am just now running low. I know most gaffs and gimmicks are made using Bikes but I don't use gimmicks (other than the Invisible deck and an occasional double backer/facer) often enough for...
  7. Acesuwifu

    Custom deck help

    I am an aspiring magician from Portland Oregon and I was wondering if someone could help me create a custom deck. It would be lotus flower themed with a black purple and gold color scheme. If anybody could help me that would be great feel free to email me at
  8. Y

    Designing My Own Deck?

    I've spent some time just for fun designing a couple of back designs on my own, and I recently created one that I really like, and an Ace of Spades to go along with it. However, I don't just want to slap a back design on a regular deck of Bicycle cards and call it done. Anybody willing to help...
  9. G

    Current Best Decks of Playing Cards

    During 2017 a lot of decks were released, a lot of them of known brands like the virts or fontaine, but for you, which decks do you like the most? Obviously, in terms of quality, design, stock and all that. Personally, I'm currently using the Orbit V4 as my main deck, but a lot of people stick...
  10. Antonio Diavolo

    Deck Recommendation?

    This might sound like a stupid question but I'm looking for a deck for prom this year. Let me elaborate... My school's prom is more like a party. It's maybe 90% socializing and 10% actual dancing. Last year it was casino themed and this year it's Gatsby themed. So, I thought it would be cool to...
  11. M

    Different Half-Faced Cards

    Hey, I'm pretty new to magic, so I apologize in advance if this is a bad question... Are there any gimmick decks where the faces of the cards are one half a regular deck (standard 52), & the other half has all the same card (all 2 of spades or something)? Preferably split dead center...
  12. Vestone


    Hey guys, i'am up here with my own A.C.A.A.N. version, which is inspired by Mitchell Kettlewell and Danny Carcia. This one is called E.A.I.A.C.A.A.N. (Easy and Impromptu Any Card at Any Number :-) ) Here are some facts: - no forced card -no forced number - deck can be shuffled and borrowed...
  13. V

    Are Aviators Plastic?

    No, not the international symbol of badassery referred to by mortal men as "sunglasses", I mean the almost as badass Aviator Playing Cards first introduced to the public in 1927 (can't wait for that 100-year anniversary). I've spent 9 years doing magic, mostly card magic, and have only ever...
  14. Antonio Diavolo

    Now You See Me 2 Card Scene Deck?

    Hello! I'm new to this forum. I tried to make a post but accidentally made a conversation because I was that confused. That's besides the point though. I was wondering if anyone knew what deck was used in the card throwing heist scene from NYSM2. Its not the red Monarchs they use throughout the...
  15. N

    When should I buy a new deck ?

    Hello guys, I'm a new "magician" and my current deck (bicycle) kinda dirty with grease marks. So should I buy a new one or just wait ?
  16. M

    Best Bicycle Playing Cards?

    What are your top 5 best bicycle playing cards? Going to a store today full of Bicycle Playing Cards and I'm just wondering what is the best Bicycle Playing Cards for magic?
  17. E

    The UN-gali Deck

    So, I've been tossing this routine around in my mind using a Mirage Deck. I tried it out the other day and it was fantastic. We broke all the 'rules' of a Svengali deck. You can shuffle, spread, take out cards, whatever they want, and the reaction is great! A Svengali routine without a...
  18. Nexeriz

    An item that would be cool for the "Gear" section.

    I really wish Theory11 had tin deck cases, specifically for any standard size deck. So you can put any deck into it. It would be great for when you'd want to do street magic and you want to have something flashy to go with your act. Think of it like a money clip, except, for cards. What does...
  19. XxxTheCardistxxX

    Where do you find the Gold Monarchs ?

    Do you guys know any places where you can find The Gold Monarchs. I can't find them on eBay unless I am blind. Which I probably am. Anyway what do you guys expect their prices to be ??
  20. Gerjaffers

    My Magic Trick v2

    Hello Theory11, I just done the magic trick and it works. Basically you, tell the audience to take two cards and look at them and you also look at them. Then you make a pile of 5 and put on on the right and the left of the big deck in the middle. Then there is two cards. you put the left one on...
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