[Ideas?] Transport and store safely playing cards.

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  1. Hi everyone!
    This is my first thread on the forum so do not hesitate to tell me if I am in the wrong section.
    I have been loving magic since I was a child but never had any opportunity to really get into it until a few years ago. I now start owning quite a few decks of cards and I struggle to find a way to safely store and transport them. I currently have an idea but I prefer to ask for advice before building it as I guess similar projects have been done in the past (even if I can't find any information online).
    My idea would be to transform an empty aluminum briefcase/attached case (as you can find in most tool shops) into an clean deck storage and transport case. Decks would be stored vertically, laying on their longest side.
    Inside of the case, I thought about making the sides of the small deck compartments in wood then cover the sides and bottom with a 3-4mm layer of foam covered by a layer of velvet. I may (depending on the size of the case) also make individual little doors to isolate each deck.
    What do you think about it? Would it be ideal to protect decks from friction during transport, temperature change and chocks ? Additionally feel free to suggest ideas to also protect decks from air moisture as I haven't figured it out.
    Thank you for reading and for the pieces of advices you will give me ; Have a nice day!
  2. Thanks for posting and welcome to the forums.

    To me, your idea sounds like an awful lot of effort to transport decks but I like your creativity.

    I have a soft sided travel pouch with a strap that I fit four deck in along with other props for when I travel. I also have one of the aluminum briefcases that I can fit a lot of decks and props into for a show just using the dividers that come with it. If I have collectable cards, they stay at home... there is no need for me to take them with me. If I open a deck, it is no longer collectable and I know it will eventually get used and dirty and there isn't much you can do to prevent it. But then again, most of the decks I use aren't that expensive.

    Decks are pretty resilient. I keep as much of the plastic on the deck as possible when I open it (I take it off before performing though). That seems to protect the case pretty well. I also use a Proper card clip after I use a deck to keep them flat. Temperature really doesn't affect decks -- it is the humidity or air moisture. However, that usually isn't a problem unless you go between extremes -- from a humid climate to a dry climate or from a dry climate to a humid climate (or from air conditioning to outside).

    As an alternative to a DIY solution, my suggestion is to check out Apache cases at Harbor Freight (if you are in the U.S) -- they have the "pick and pull" foam inserts that can be shaped to whatever size you need and they are not unreasonably expensive. Also check out the TCC close-up bags - they are pretty nice also.

    You solution does seem to work and if you do it, be sure to post a picture.

    Good luck!
  3. Every time I get a new carton of cards I carefully cut out the plastic wrap at the bottom of each pack, open the bottom of the pack, add a 4 of hearts with an opposite color back just below the jokers, a blank card with the same color back after the jokers, move the natural 4 of hearts a few cards up to the top of the deck behind the 2 "sales cards" that Bicycle puts there, put it all back together and glue it so that no one could tell that it was ever touched... then I'd grab a pack when I needed and throw it in my pocket, case or pouch without a second thought.

    I love to see that someone is thinking even harder about their cards, but I don't know that any of it is really needed. Then I assume the quality of your cards is beyond the Bicycles I use.

    I also would like to see a picture of your completed case.
  4. Thank you for your answers! Be sure I will send you a picture when it will be done. I just have a question about the orientation in which decks should be stored. I heard that storing decks vertically may bend the cards. Is it really a thing?
  5. I've done terrible things with decks of cards... I've never experienced the cards bowing (in the box) unless they have gotten wet. Minor humidity from sweat in the pocket can ruin a deck without the "sealed" plastic wrap. At least for fanning.

    I would say, with a great deal of confidence, that how they stand isn't relevant.
    In the box, as RealityOne says, the decks are pretty resilient.
  6. Agree. If a full deck is in the box, it really shouldn't matter how it is stored. That said, all of my decks are vertical with their short sides down -- because that is the way they best fit into the boxes that I keep them in.

    Not to derail the thread... but I expect I've done worse. :eek:
  7. I have something similar to what you want to do. I have an old knife set case that I ripped out the bottom staps and put some decks in. It holds my close up show routine. I keep silica gel packets in there and try to keep them cool, which keeps the cards more usable for longer and can make old decks feel newer. I wouldn't put more effort in than I put in mine. When cards are in their box, they can take anything but heat and water.
  8. I don't store decks vertically, that's just not efficient for me. Records, they will bend, cards, they are like bricks, they cant bend when stacked.

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