1. V

    [Ideas?] Transport and store safely playing cards.

    Hi everyone! This is my first thread on the forum so do not hesitate to tell me if I am in the wrong section. I have been loving magic since I was a child but never had any opportunity to really get into it until a few years ago. I now start owning quite a few decks of cards and I struggle to...
  2. TheDerpsterKoder

    Urgently need flourish idea!

    greetings everyone I'm making a short film for a project, and one concept I want to do is to have a reverse shot, basically reverse me dropping the cards and doing a flourish. The thing I want to do it in one take, meaning for the flourish I do after dropping the cards (picking them up...
  3. Arconik

    Emotional Ideas

    Basically, I was going through my repertoire after watching some lectures and I found that I had no emotional patter at all in any of my main tricks (and any trick I have used ngl). I just wanted to know what emotional things, I can try to incorporate into my tricks. I'm kinda stumped as I can...
  4. A

    Idea for a routine

    Ok so was looking on wish the other day and found a metal called gallium and was wondering if it was worth getting some to try and come up with a routine with it. Has anyone used gallium before. Thanks Tia Azza
  5. N

    Is this already exist.

    I got a effect but now I wanted to know is this already exist or not. Effect: I ask the spectator to show his palm and then ask him to fold his palm. Then I Force him a card. Now I ask him to open his hand. The name of a card will be in his hand like the x in double cross. But the...
  6. S

    Magic theory and history YouTube channel

    I've always wanted to create a YouTube channel revolving around magic, however not magic tricks tutorials. I was thinking "magician profiles" I'd do a video essay segment about certain magicians (houdini, shin lim, Dai Vernon, Paul Daniels, Tom Mullica) with things like what was their...
  7. mexican nanny

    Coin vanish idea for the market

    Hi y'all I was thinking about posting an idea I had onto the market for the first time. though I just wanted to hear some feedback on whether this trick is worthy or not to be on the market as well as feedback/ideas/improvements whether it's original and pricing ideas as this would be my first...
  8. JordyDoust

    Help with magic blog

    It's been a while but I'd really appreciate any ideas for possible blogs for my website, the blogs are aimed at all levels of magic ranging from people who want insight into the magic community all the way to the professional magician. So anything you'd like to see, please feel free to comment...
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