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  1. I've always wanted to create a YouTube channel revolving around magic, however not magic tricks tutorials. I was thinking "magician profiles" I'd do a video essay segment about certain magicians (houdini, shin lim, Dai Vernon, Paul Daniels, Tom Mullica) with things like what was their contribution to magic and what was their most famous trick. "Product spotlights" go over magic products without revealing how it works and talk about what kind of magician could incorporate it into their routine. I wouldn't use any sort of rating scale because those are subjective. Lastly an advice column about busking, patter, practice, approaching people etc. Everything else would be magic news of new products and current events in magic. I don't thing it would garnish much attention but I feel there would be a small niche community who would enjoy it. I've studied magic for years and have read countless forums from things on Reddit, the magic cafe, magic groups on Instagram and YouTube and I majored in history so I thought it might be fun. Any feedback?
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  2. I'd watch it :)
  3. Thank you :)
  4. Learning about many of the greats throughout magical history can only enrich a magician and help make him/her a more knowledgeable and better performer. There were (and are) so many fabulous performers, each with their own unique style. Each had/has something special to offer, and each is an important piece of fabric in the colorful patchwork quilt called "Magic." How could we help but improve by learning about and observing those who have dedicated their lives to the study and performance of this beautiful and creative art form?
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  5. That's true I was just kinda afraid that magicians would get mad that I'm trying to expose things when really I just wanna teach the history culture and influence of magic. My first idea was calling it "history of magic" but JK Rowling has me beat using that in Harry Potter. I'm not the best performer (I'm good but many people on here make me look like an 8 year old child just being handed cards) I wanted to be able to contribute with a strength I know I have which is research and speaking.
  6. As with anything else, it depends on how it is done. My sense is that to talk about historical figures in magic would take a half hour to do it right. Tell people things they do not know.

    If I had the time, I'd love to do a series showing the history of how various effects developed thorough performing those effects.
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