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  1. A

    Causing a timer to "fast forward" by an hour

    Greetings fellow prestidigitators, I have a routine where I "teleport" objects through a "portal." I thought my routine might be more interesting if I had a phone timer "fast forward" by an hour or so after being teleported into the fourth dimension and back. I saw something like this happen at...
  2. TheDerpsterKoder

    Magic acts with a message/morals to analyze

    Good day everyone, I have to write a critical review for a collage assignment (basically just analyze themes ect for 1000+ words), and I thought it would be really cool to analyze a magic act, but I'm struggling to find one with a clear message and enough stuff to analyse for that many words...
  3. TheDerpsterKoder

    Spectators always figure out Omni deck. Help?

    Hello I have been playing around with a omni deck recently, I 've tried several different patters (using it as an ending of an ACR, or just as a stand alone trick etc). But no matter how I present it or try to manage the audience, after the initial reaction has lowered a bit, 9 out of 10 times...
  4. M

    Mentalism, book prediction trick?

    Hi guys I just want to hear your tips on how the book mind reading trick works in this video.Not like secret but just tips how can I perform something similar or a name of a trick that is like this and where can I buy it.So it's Hungarian but shortly what's happening that the magician take the 2...
  5. K

    Help Finding the Name of This Color Change

    In one of the videos for the “torn, restored, transpo” on YouTube with Franco Pascali, he performs a visual color change that I’d like to learn, but I can’t find the name of it anywhere. Can someone help?
  6. C

    Does anyone know what the best impromptu card trick is

    i have been doing a lot of impromptu card magic recently and some of it is ok, unfortunately i have not yet come by something truly fooling enough to perform, please let me know if someone has a amazing impromptu card trick they would be willing to show me how to do or send me a link to learn it...
  7. K

    Performing Passes VS Controls

    How often do you perform a pass? I mainly use controls to get the card in the position it needs to be. Occasionally, I'll do a pass, but only if I'm performing for a single spectator. And yes, I'm aware that this question's answer depends entirely on the situation. But when the situation allows...
  8. J

    Gambling routines & tricks for SoMe

    Hello everyone! I've been hired by a betting company to participate in a new commercial series they're launching this autumn. We're going to create a video series of gambling routines and tricks. The videos will be posted at their own webpage, their social media accounts as well as national and...
  9. Vi

    Bizarrest Magician performance advice

    Hello, I'm new here and I need some tips or some advice. I started back into magic last year in May and I love bizarre magicians and their style of magic and I also love being a character for performing my magic. If anyone doesn't know what bizarre magic is... Bizarre Magicians often use...
  10. MagicofKeelan

    How are you doing?

    Hello everyone. We're in a weird time right now. I've had shows get cancelled but I'd love to go over a few ways we can get over what we are all going through. Obviously some people aren't avid on performing on social media but I feel this is a good time to hop on some apps and give them a...
  11. T

    What magic books should I get? (Beginner)

    Hi guys. I started doing magic less than 2 months ago. I have bought some tricks from theory 11, and I just enjoy it so much. But to my question, what books should I get in order to learn basic magic, particularly sleight of hand, card tricks, coin tricks, and some other basic tricks like cups...
  12. D

    Effects where you make gimmicks

    I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions for gimmicked effects that give you the instructions to create the gimmick. Examples of stuff like this that I'm interested in are Daniel Madison's Advocate and Melt by Matthew Johnson. Being able to reproduce the gimmick if it breaks rather...
  13. CadenK1

    Talent Show Magic

    Hi, so, my school is doing a talent show, and auditions are Monday, December 6th. Each act is supposed to be 3 minutes, and I felt rushed when I did it last year. I don't want to feel rushed this year, and now I'm looking for any suggestions that would allow me to put on a good performance and...
  14. thematthoward

    Making quarter gimmicks. (Advice or methods)

    Looking to make my own quarter gimmicks bent quarters and split quarters. Want to be able to leave my spectator with an impossible object to making them myself seems much more budget friendly. Rather than bending and restoring.
  15. bouaidelmehdi52

    Mnemonica stack

    Give me tips on mnemonica Trying to nail it
  16. londonfereaud

    My hands are weird...

    I have started magic about 5 months ago and I learned all the basic skills very easily and have spent all these past 5 months mastering the basics, but I have problems with my palm. I am left handed but I am accustomed to holding things in my left hand of course so i started with holding the...
  17. AamirHooda

    How to reveal a card with the Werm flourish

    I saw this thing on instagram or youtube a while ago where someone was able to reveal a card with the werm flourish. It was a long time ago so I don't have the video, but does anyone know how to do this? Thanks.
  18. Zenn_Magic

    Magic Themed Promposal

    i need ideas for a promposal. Whether it be a trick or just magic themed. Any ideas?
  19. Zenn_Magic

    Resources Used in Playing Card Production

    hey ya'll, i'm working on a project about resources used in producing a product. I choose playing cards and was wondering if ya'll could give me some insight into the natural, capitol, and human resources used.
  20. Zenn_Magic

    Magical Gestures

    I'm making a comedy video and need as many magical gestures you can think of! (Snap, blow, shake, etc)
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