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  1. CJK

    My New Channel

    I've been practicing sleight of hand and many other card tricks. So recently, on my new channel, I've created a segment called the Magician's Guide for Tricks, I hope it would be a place where people come for card trick references and a place where new magicians come to learn. Seeing so many...
  2. d_llusionist


    I am 23 years old. I have only been studying for about a months time. I started with card magic because I feel as though it is more intricate. Begin with the more difficult things, then everything else will be easier. I'm based in Temecula , CA. Which by the way has NO other magicians but one it...
  3. X

    Could I be practicing too much?

    I `am posting this to get some insight on a particular issue. I `am somewhat new to magic, and i have been practicing my overhand shuffle for almost a month now. I`am learning how to control and retain certain cards by using this shuffle. But i have noticed that when i move the fingers on my...
  4. CJK

    Question to Become a Better Magician #2

    Any magician have preference for their magic act. Some prefer talent and practice sleight of hands and study flourishes. Others wish to do more impossible feats and use gimmicks. There are as well the balance who bring equal amounts of both. When you perform, I understand you can't bring every...
  5. CJK

    Question to Become a Better Magician

    Once, when I was performing a trick, there was this brat who kept asking what's in my hand when I was palming a card. He also asked to see the card when doing a double lift. He even demands that I give him the deck so that he picks one, shuffles it and return it back. When I said no, he kept...
  6. mattstephens12

    I'm new to magic, any advice?

    I'm pretty new to magic and cardistry (about a month in). Now that I've got the basics (a clean double lift, a fast Sybil cut, a couple good forces and jumps) does anyone have any advice on how to move forward such as good tricks to learn or decks I need in my collection? Any tips would be great!
  7. M

    Magic Castle Audition Guidance

    Hello! I am 16 years old, and I have been practicing magic on and off ever since I was a kid. It has always captured my attention, and I just absolutely love magic. I've been back at it again for the past two or three years. I feel like it's just about time for me to audition for Magic Castle...
  8. A

    Bills appearing in wallet?

    I'm looking for the following effect: The magician gives a regular leather wallet to the spectator to inspect and make sure that it's completely empty. The magician then snaps his fingers, the spectator opens the wallet and finds several dollar bills in it. I'm thinking I would need to buy two...
  9. ichorofcards

    Furthering an Interest in Magic

    Hi. I am a 14 year old from Ohio who has just been getting into magic for a past year or so. I am very interested in, but I am having a hard time getting deeper into it. I have no one to work with it on, people at my school would probably make fun of someone for doing magic (I should probably be...
  10. A

    Flashy and quick Effect for promo videos

    So i've been doing mentalism from some 4 years and now im starting in magic ( i' ve read some basic books in magic ) .... i want to make a promo video.. and i want it to be filled with quick and visual effects maybe some effects like in justin flom videos ....any suggestions ??
  11. ItsAllAnIllusionxx

    Talent Show Help!

    Hello guys I just wanted some advice on a talent show coming up on Oct 27th the winner get $250 I am a card, closeup, and mentalism kinda guy about 3 yrs exp I have about 20 mins to perform I was thinking since i be doing this in front of a relatively large audience (it's at a restraunt) I...
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