Bills appearing in wallet?

Jun 13, 2013
I'm looking for the following effect:

The magician gives a regular leather wallet to the spectator to inspect and make sure that it's completely empty. The magician then snaps his fingers, the spectator opens the wallet and finds several dollar bills in it.

I'm thinking I would need to buy two identical wallets: one empty and one with money in it, and then somehow unsuspiciously switch the wallets.

Do any of you magician fellows have any thoughts on how this effect can be achieved (possibly without my line of thinking)?
Dec 6, 2015
Just some rough ideas off the top of my head: A wallet with one pocket on the bottom and one on the top. Or if you want the spectator to hold it the whole time, a wallet with two pockets in the top, and a magnet/adhesive on both sides of the opening on one of the pockets. You show this pocket (empty) to the spectator, then lay it flat and open in both their hands with the pocket away from them to prevent flashing. Tell them to inspect the outside, and they should naturally close the wallet, sealing the empty pocket and opening the full one.
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