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  1. K

    Needle and thread trick

    So there is a trick where the magician takes some pins and swallows them and then takes some thread and swallows that, then the magician pulls the thread out of his mouth and all of the needles are attached to the thread. I have seen it performed by many magicians such as penn and teller and i...
  2. K

    Should i perform card tricks

    So lately I've been really motivated to go out and perform street magic and busk but i dont want to just perform card tricks as i feel like that is the typical magician, i want to perform magic with everyday objects, but I am kinda broke and haven't performed in front of a crowd in a while so i...
  3. KoryB87

    Illusion books

    Hey everyone, I am new to all this and I wanted to read more about how to do illusions and begin to preform those types of tricks from small illusions to huge stage ones. Ive been trying to find any books on the subject, but I can only really find one and it was like $120 and I don't want to...
  4. D

    Auditioning for the Magic Castle

    This may be completely ridiculous but here goes...I'm a ventriloquist who loves magic. Wondering if it's remotely possible to audition for the castle with a routine I do with a character that incorporates comedy mentalism with an actual magic payoff, and what my chances of success would be...
  5. W

    Three Crazy card tricks!
  6. A

    Back clipping a coin

    I am doing a coin trick that requires be to clip a coin behind my hand while showing that my palm is empty, but my hand looks very stiff. Any tips on making a back clip appear natural (images if possible)?
  7. Arif Ammirul

    Trick name?

  8. A

    Will this sleight work?

    I have an idea for a trick but wanted to check before spending hours mastering it: 1. Show palm of hand is empty while pinching coin between fingers behind it. 2. Flip hand over to show back of hand is empty while opening fingers to allow coin to roll into palm. 3. Reveal coin.
  9. J


    Hey guys, I'm in need of some help for this idea I have for my school graduation. My principal does not believe that it would be possible to do a card trick in such a large venue as a church (more than 200 people possibly) and won't accept my idea. I just wanted to know if you guys think that I...
  10. Arif Ammirul

    Impromptu mentalism books?

    Based on a few books i have read, I mostly see that the effects are for stage and table mentalism. Are there any books i can purchase and read that does not require things such as a table, an assistant, a suit , etc. I'm looking for things that i can do casually (preferably standing with a...
  11. Antonio Diavolo

    Approaching People

    I'm by no means new to magic but I am 17 and most of my magic I do is at school and occasionally for some of the middle school kids in our local burger place that everyone goes to on Fridays. However, I usually just do tricks to whoever I end up sitting next to in class or to my friends. I have...
  12. LeoSchiappaMagick

    Young magicians collab

    Hey I'm Leo, I'm trying to do some collab stuff with other younger magicians maybe I could help someone out or something, as well I'm also trying to find some other magicians I can talk to about magic my age so 13-15? Cool if you're interested hit me up I also have a...
  13. N

    Magic for College Kids

    Hey all, A while back I put up a thread with one of my YouTube videos of me performing magic for some College Kids (if you haven't seen it yet definitely check it out). Just recently I put up PART 2 (link below). Between the two videos there was a sort of message that I wanted to convey about...
  14. N

    Sharpie Magic... Thoughts?

    Hello all, I just posted a brand new video on my YouTube channel (link below) featuring some Sharpie magic that I created. I wanted to make the video entertaining so I put a lot of emphasis on the production value. I'm curious to hear everyone's thoughts. Thanks for checking it out! Cheers
  15. Arif Ammirul

    Where do i start in mentalism?

    I've read colossal killer and fundamentals (great books) but I don't think that is enough. Are there any suggestions?
  16. Josh_Hayden

    Starting up ....

    Hi guys , My name's Joshua I'm a fellow magician and well I live all the way out here in India :3 and in India well magic isn't really anything as of yet ..... I myself have worked a lot of events here ranging from the first Ted-x in my state to many others. I'm a performer in different fields...
  17. CJK

    Which is Yours and Which is Not?

    I come up with many card tricks in my head. I put some performances on Youtube and sending some to Theory 11's Market. But, sadly my tricks are denied. How can you tell if your tricks are original or similar to another trick?
  18. The Magic X

    I'm an Amateur

    I'm not quite sure that this is the right place to put this, so if this belongs somewhere else just tell me. I'll go by X, and although I am very interested in the art of card magic, -and can perform many simple tricks,- I'm still relatively new to it and pretty bad at the flourishes and...
  19. CJK

    The Double Lift

    One of the most famous uses of sleight of hand is the double lift, but there are several ways to use it. Can you explain what is the best way to use it during performance where it can easily be executed.
  20. CJK

    My New Channel

    I've been practicing sleight of hand and many other card tricks. So recently, on my new channel, I've created a segment called the Magician's Guide for Tricks, I hope it would be a place where people come for card trick references and a place where new magicians come to learn. Seeing so many...
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